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I don't have an answer for you, but I can tell you that you are not alone. The repo man who picked up my truck was midway through dismantling a custom stereo system when I got my truck back, and even told me he had planned on keeping it for himself since the bank didn't know about it. I tried to get the repo agent or the bank to pay for having it repaired, and neither would accept any responsibility, to the extent that people at the bank would refuse to speak to me, and I routinely was hung up on. I wish you luck with this, and make sure you take pictures for the insurance company. They'll probably have to sue the repo company. You might also check on doing a police report, depending on what type of damages there were.

The LENDER is responsible for any damage to your car incurred during or after a repo. In my experience it takes an attorney to get them serious about paying for it. just as with any other claim for damages, it requires some sort of proof that the damages occured during or after repo. Some people try to use this scam as a means to get money from the lender/repoman after being repoed. People who havent had food for a week will suddenly have $2500.00 CASH in the car that was repoed last nite. Go figure. Good Luck

Thanks for your offer to keep us posted.

You do not need an attorney to sue in most states you a can represent yourself. The key is to sue the lender and keep after them.They do not want any problems so they ignore people with repos because they figure they can!!If you are having money problems who has time to sue.The standard in civil court is called a "preponderence of the evidence" so it is not high.Most repo guys on this and other sites say it very hard to sue because they don't want you too!! If the bank gets sued they have pay an attorney to represent them that costs money and they don't want to go into court to defend a repo guy.So stop talking and start suing.

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Q: What if your car was damaged during repossession?
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If your car was hit and damaged during repossession what rights do you have?

CALL a local attorney NOW.

What should you do if the car was damaged while wrongfully repoed?

Every state requires repossession agents to carry insurance. If the vehicle is damaged during a repossession or especially a wrongful repossession, the agency that secured the unit must have it repaired at their own cost, or as a matter of insurance claim. Remember, do not sign for acceptance on the repairs until you are absolutely satisfied that they have been done properly.

If you owe money on a car your insurance has expired and you damaged your car you are going to call the bank for a voluntary repossession can they sue for damage?

CAN & WILL. Good Luck

Your car was inappropriately repossessed and returned It has driven oddly since then The tracking arm is bent the mechanic says the repo guy did it No one is taking responsibility What do you do?

If the car was damaged during the repossession, then take the tow company to small claims court. You better have written proof from that mechanic that they damaged the car our you will loose.

How do you write a car repossession letter?

How do you write a car repossession letter?

Where do you get car repossossion permit?

who is allow to do Vehichle/car repossession? when is a vehichle/car repossession not allowed? whats the minimum insurance needed for car repossession?

If your car is damaged while it is being repossessed who is liable for the damages the loan company or the repossession company?

The LENDER is responsible for every detail of a repossession. They may pass the costs of repair on to the repo company.

What is legal during a car repossession in Ohio?

NONE OF THE ABOVE. Call an attorney ASAP.

Is concealing a car from repossession a felony in Georgia?

is concealing a car from repossession a felony in georgia?

Car shakes during acceleration?

If a car shakes during acceleration the brake rotors may be damaged. If the rotors are damaged they will be unstable as the tires rotates making the whole car shake.

What do you do if a repossession company damages your property while seizing the vehicle?

You need very good proof it was not damaged before the repossession. Nearly impossible to do as he can say it was damaged when he got it (and he will, believe me).

How long does the repossession process of a car usually take?

The repossession process of a car usually takes about 6 months

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