What if your crush asked you if your a virgin?


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if the girl is freaky tell her u not a virgin but if she not a freak tell her you are a virgin

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If your crush asked you if you will date him or if you love him after you kissed then it means he is interested in finding out how you feel about him.

If one's crashed asked whether you miss him, that means he wants you back.

No Poseidon did not have a crush on Athena. Athena was the niece of Poseidon, her father was Zeus the brother of Poseidon. Athena was a virgin goddess.

No, he was asked once in an interview if your wern't a footballer what would you be and he answered 'a virgin' meaning he isn't

no he is not its a question that was asked on his official formspring account. Unfortunately he answered that no to the question are you a virgin. he's too sexy to be a virgin either by choice or not

There are no signs that a girl is a virgin, you'd only know if you asked her. There is no clear definition of what makes a virgin. Virginity is about valuing women who have not had sex.

If I asked out my crush and he said yes, but then realized he didn't want to go, I would be disappointed. After my disappointment, I would move on.

i dont know thats why i asked

no i am not if u asked if i was pregnant and i said i was close to it

Whatever you feel comfortable with saying :')

She chose it, asked it of Zeus, and it was granted to her.

No, Niall had a crush on her when they filmed the iCarly episode they were on. Niall actually asked her out and she turned him down.

If he has asked for your number you should wait for his text or call. Do not text him first.

that your crush likes your friend more. or might try to use your friend to get to you. but i think the first answer is more credible. it means your crush probobly likes your friend

The best way to get your crush to notice you is asking them quesions, and getting to know them. for instance, i asked my crush where he was going to college, and it turns out we want to go to the same college.

yes, because I asked her & she said yes

No, about a year ago they asked him and he said that she is not her type:)

What brings you to ask the question? The fact that you asked it suggests that he does!

me :) I believe he asked out Miranda from iCarly but Miranda told him NO...

because when he was in Milan the confraternity of the immaculate conception asked him to paint something for them so he painted THE VIRGIN OF THE ROCK!!

well yes, i think. in an interview he was asked about his favorite sex position and he answered: err, i'm a virgin.

Wow, just tell her that that you are VERY sorry about how you rejected her. Let her know that you really do like her but you just were kinda nervous when she approached you. :)

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