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dump him hes abouviesly cheating

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Q: What if your crush says he likes you but then he always tells you about girls he thinks are hot or shows you girls that like him?
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Why my crush always calls me stuff like cute cutie etc?

Your crush is complimenting you, she really likes you and thinks that you are cute. Enjoy it, not everyone gets called cute or cutie.

Why would a boy have a crush on you?

He thinks you are beautifull and likes you and cares for you.

Do you have a crush on girls.?

i have a huge crush on one girl but I don't no if she likes me

What does it mean if your crush tells your friend that he thinks your cute?

It means he likes you.

What if your crush likes other girls?

If he likes other girls and chases them and goes by them and talks to them MOVE ON!1!1

Why does your 5 year old brother always choose to dance as girls on just dance?

he thinks he is a girl or he likes how the girls look or dance on the just dance

How do you know it's just a crush?

This is how you know because if he/she always talks to you then that means he/she likes you and if they always pick as there parnter that meas it's a crush and if you go out on the evening it's a crush and that's my answer this for the boys if the girl touches you on your soulder or eldow that's a crush and for the girls it;s the same answer and this is from nikol.zuzgov

He always stairs at me?

He Probably thinks your pretty or likes you.

What if your crush friend' told you that he likes you that a possibility that your crush likes you back?

well, it depends on who you think that your crush is, and what he thinks of you. it mainly just what one percepts of someone else. so, if your crush's friend is an honest person, and obey's his/her friends, then im pretty sure that he does like you.

Does alex wolff like girls that have deep eyes?

yes he likes girls with bokeenies he thinks there hot

What can you girls do if you find out that a guy has a crush on you?

Ask a friend to ask that guy if he likes you.

What does it mean when girls blush dark red with only you?

She likes you or thinks your cute.

How do you no the boy you like likes you back?

If he is always happy (not gay) around you then you know he has a crush on you (just like the one i have a crush on he is always happy around me)

How do you write a sentence with the word trivial?

Juliano likes girls that he thinks are not very smart, but to girls intelligence is not trivial.

Is it ok to tell a guy you have a crush on him but you dont know if he has a crush on you back?

of course! you never know if he likes you back. even if he doesn't, it's not the end of the world! yeah and if the guy thinks you are wierd for liking him just tell him that you don't care what he thinks and that he should be glad that he has at least one girl who likes him.

You told your crush that you liked him he just said well goodnight then what does this mean everyone thinks that he likes me and he still flirts?

He does not have the same feeling.. or more unlikely thinks you are messing with him.

Who does supermac18 have a crush on?

Me! Supermac18 has a huge crush on me! we always see each other and he really likes me! he already proposed. thank you!

What kind of girl does Zayn Malik likes?

zayn likes girls with long brown hair, he would like a smart girl he thinks the best feature is a girls eyes!!

What does it mean when a boy always invites you with them?

He likes you or he thinks your a really good friend :-)

Why a man says he thinks of you and always fondly?

probably cuz he likes u

What do you do when your crush likes you?

To know if your crush likes is when he or she is staring at you talks about you to his or her friends and acts differently around you then he or she normally would with other girls or boys. If they do you like you should either ask them out or unless your positive he she likes you wait for them to but I suggest asking them out. Girls don't be afraid to ask your crush out because 90% of all boys like it when the girl makes the first move. Hope this helps ;)

When a boy stares at their crush lots does it mean he thinks about her A LOT?

Well maybe It depends on how much he likes her probably sometimes!

What kind of girl is Joe Jonas in to?

he likes girls with blonde hair but he has a crush on vanessa hudgens.

What does it mean when a girls kisses your fingers?

It probably means she thinks of you as a good friend or she really likes you.

Why does Justin Bieber dislike blondes?

because he likes brunette girls and he thinks that blondes are dumb.