What if your fasten seat belt light stays on the dash in your 99 Toyota Sienna when the seat belt is fastened what does this mean if anything?

I had the same problem in my 99 Sienna. I went to the Toyota dealership (Canada) and they said I had to replace the entire seat belt and mechanism ($300+). Apparently the seatbelt sensor is tamper-proof, so if it goes on the fritz, you have to replace the whole thing instead of just replacing the sensor. I'm not convinced; I think Toyota is saying that because you're not supposed to tamper with it (ie. protecting their liability), but there must be a more affordable do-it-yourself way to fix it.

I have the same with my 2000 Sienna. I found a Corolla owner on a forum with the same problem and he replaced the buckle with a newer one that had the buckled-sensing switch in the buckle and wired it into the switch plug from the belt retractor. Can we do the same with our Siennas? I am going to check this out. It seems that Toyota used the buckle sensor up until 98, switched away from it for three years, and then went back to it in the 2001 models, hence the ability to replace the buckle.