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Take her to a vet. That does not seem normal and something seriouse could be wrong.

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Q: What if your female dog is still bleeding after more than 3 weeks from giving birth?
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What if your dog is still bleeding 2 weeks after giving birth?

That is completely normal.

Can female rabbit still be pregnant after giving birth?

no. after they give birth they cant be pregnant.

Can you still be on your period if you're not bleeding?

Yes. Some birth control forms can stop a female from bleeding but she still goes through the rest of her period.

What if your dog is still bleeding after more than 7 weeks from giving birth?

you take out the needle and threed

Why is your cat still bleeding after only having two kittens last night and she still looks pregnant?

She might still be giving birth. It takes a long time sometimes.

How long does a female dog keep bleeding after giving birth The 5 pups are now 6 days old and the female is still spotting Can she be in heat again?

Bitches bleed for several days and weeks after giving birth. It is the body's natural way of cleansing the uterus and birth canal. The nursing puppies causes her uterus to contract, and thus older blood is expelled. It is natural and she is fine, unless the blood looks bright and fresh.

What is wrong with dog who is still bleeding 6 weeks after giving birth to a litter of seven puppies?

Nothing is really wrong, actually my dog bled for about 8-9 weeks after giving birth to a litter of eight. I think that if she is still bleeding 9-12 weeks after she should be taken to a vet jus to make sure every thing is alright with her body.

Is A transgender male giving birth is still a woman?

No. He is a transgender man giving birth.

Is it normal for a yorkie to bleed 1 month after giving birth?

No, it is not normal. My dog was bleeding for a week after giving birth and was brought to the vet. She had an infection in her womb which was easily treated with antibiotics. The infection is often caused by part of an afterbirth still being within the womb.

What could be the problem if dog is still bleeding a week after giving birth?

Get the dog to a vet as soon as possible! She could be bleeding out causing organ failure or death. In the meantime though keep the bleeding area free of debris with gauze and make sure it does NOT get infected.

Do you still have your period on birth control?

Some women still experience monthly bleeding while using birth control.

Is it normal for a dog to still be bleeding two months after giving birth to a litter of five puppies?

No! You need to take her to the vet right away! Good luck and God Bless:)

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