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What if your in a long distance relationship and he doesnt trust you what can you do for him to trust you?


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Talk to him a lot! Don't mention other guys, and when you do have the time to be able to talk, don't be in a rush. The most important thing in a relationship is trust, so if he can't trust you to not go out with other guys, then you may have to end the relationship.

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Trust is always the biggest concern when it comes to long distance relationships. I believe they can work.

I'm in a long distance relationship and it is trust that keep us and our hearts together

well it cant unless you are willing to trust each other :)

Yes a long distance relationship works out if there is (Trust and Understanding) between the couple and there is a want from within to be with each other.

In some instances when the relationship isn't fully developed or is not that strong, long distance relationships can be disastrous. But if you have a strong relationship full of trust, communication, and commitment then long distance relationships can actually strengthen your relationship and help it grow. If you manage a long distance relationship and it works out, you know that your relationship can withstand difficult situations.

What holds a long distant relationship together is COMMUNICATION AND TRUST..even in a not distant relationship there has to be both of those there or there is no real relationship.

A long distance relationship can work for lovers from Accra, Ghana and Chicago only if trust prevails.

A long distance relationship can still work for lovers from Accra, Ghana and Chicago if trust reigns.

(I'm currently going through a long distance relationship) Well, talk and communicate with them whether it be via IM/Phone/Email etc. As this can strengthen the relationship. A major thing to have is trust. Especially in a long distance relationship, trust is key. Find times to see each other in real life. This can give you a sense of joy in being able to see them after long periods of time.

Trust is really important in long distance relationships. Also another way to "protect" a long distance relationship is to make sure that your partner knows that if he/she really needs to talk, like when their upset, that they will always have you to talk to. And that you will always have time for them.

Well that is a tough one but I mean if its trust then just tell him/her what you really feel deep inside you. I mean anyone in a long distance relationship cant really trust you that much because who knows what they're going to do. Just watch out and dont get played.

Your best bet would be to ask him adn trust what he says. Communication and trust are vital in a long distance relationship. Just relax and don'worry.

YES, very much true if you both have no trust and faith to one another...

Sure, if you both put in a lot of commitment and trust.

overly jealous. he knows he is in a long distance relationship and without trust it cannot work. could be a blame tactict because he feels bad regarding his own actions

have a short distance relationship

A long distance relationship is not realy a relationship that can be cheated on.

Star signs have nothing to do with it. Long distance relationships depend on personality, love, loyalty, commitment, patience, and trust. If you have those, it will work.

They usually don't but it all depends on the commitment, trust, and honesty both partners have in the relationship.

Yes it is not the distance the matters but the personality. good couple live far off and still keep the trust.

The worst thing you can do. Long distance relationships are based on trust, and without it you have nothing. ANSWER: If your talking about can a long distance relationship works? yes it can. The man that I married done it and it works for both of them. And it made him quite intrigue and happy. Unfortunatle I discovered it.

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