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Usa a shop vac.

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Q: What if your inground pool is empty and you have 3 feet of water and mud in the deep end of the pool. How do i clean it out frustrated.?
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How do you clean an empty turtle shell?

With water!!

How do you treat green water in a tub?

Empty the water out and scrub the tub clean.

Should you leave your inground pool empty for winter?

No. You just drain out enough water to close up the skimmers/plumbing, but the pool remains mostly full.

Can you clean pool after winter without emptying water?

no, the pool must be empty

How do you use wet vac to clean up water?

Just use it as normal, but empty the water as soon as possible.

What do you do with the fish while you change the water?

When you are changing the water in a fish bowl, you have to empty cup ot bowl with water in it. Then, put it into clean water.

How can you move ground water away from an inground pool dig?

Put a gravel pit at the bottom with a means of pumping it empty. Make sure you fit a hydrostatic valve to the pool.

How can I clean a nasty pool that's had frogs raccoon's and any other animal in the neighborhood?

If that happens CALL ANIMAL-CONTROL,empty out the water ,and put CLEAN WATER in it.;-)

How do you properly clean a water bottle?

To get it thoroughly clean, you need to empty what was in it first. Then you need to take warm water and fill the bottle. Let it soak for a few minutes to an hour depending on how clean you want it. After it just pore the water out and voilà!

What can you put in a kiddie pool to keep it clean?

You don't put anything in the water. You should empty the water out every time you use it.

How many gallons of water in the star dust inground swimming pool?

How big is the star dust inground swimming pool.

How can you get wrinkles out of an inground vinyl pool?

== Is the water in?== Once the water's in, you're cooked.

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