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The "bankruptcy" of an insurance company is referred to as "insolvency". It is roughly defined as the financial inability to pay claims as they accrue.

As a condition of becoming authorized (licensed) to transact insurance business in the company's state of domicile, it is required to pay a portion of its income into the insurance guaranty association of the state. This is essentially a state-administered pool of funds which is used to pay claims (although not always in full) when an insurer becomes insolvent.

Important to note is that only authorized (licensed) insurers are required to participate in and pay into guaranty associations, and therefore, only when you have a policy issued by an authorized insurer, do you have the chance to participate in the guaranty fund if the need arises. It is therefore important that you ensure that you are ensured by a licensed insured and not by a phony one. Illegal insurers crop up periodically, especially during periods of hard insurance markets, which tend to be cyclical.

That said, there is an alternative market of insurance which is quite legitimate, but which is not covered by guaranty associations. This is the surplus lines market. It caters to often unusual risks that are not able to be insured in the more customary market. Most states have Surplus Lines Offices which offer some level of regulation to this market, but it is far less than for the authorized market.

When a licensed insurer becomes insolvent, a Receiver is appointed in the domicile state to administer its and to run the company. Ancillary receiverships may be established in other states where the insurer did business. Assets are marshalled, a date is set for policy coverage to end, and decisions are made as to whether the company is susceptible to rehabilitation or whether it must be liquidated. Claims are handled in as orderly a fashion as possible, with priorities assigned to claims of various types laid out by statute. Time limits are set by which claims must be filed with the Receiver, and if they are not they are barred.

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Q: What if your insurance company goes bankrupt?
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Yes...that is actually paid by either an insurance company or a state plan.

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it means that the company has limited liability. If the company goes bankrupt they loose only what they invest in the business.

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What happens to variable annuities when the insurance company goes bankrupt?

Generally, when an insurance company goes bankrupt, the guarantees that are being offered on the contract are gone. For instance, if you have a death benefit, or a income guarantee, those will usually be lost. As for the money you've invested in the variable annuity, if your money is invested in the sub-accounts (the various investments that are usually managed by mutual fund management whose names you will usually recognize), that money is still being managed by those companies, and is separate from the now bankrupt insurance company. That is the long way of saying, your money in the sub accounts is safe. However, if you have money in the fixed interest account, that is usually held by the insurance company, and that money may be in jeopardy.

What if your business insurance company goes bankrupt?

In all probability you will have lost any upfront premiums and any pending claims won't be paid. You try contacting the receivers if you have a pending claim. If you are lucky a company might buy the failed company in which case your insurance agreement should be continued.

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You Get Bankrupt Or You Lose Your Insurance Company

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Is it true that market failure occurs when a company goes bankrupt?

Yes, it's true.

What is Travel Guard Insurance and do they offer services to all U.S. states?

Travel Guard insurance can cover you if you get sick and can't keep your flight, a cancelled flight, even if the flight company goes bankrupt you and your travel plans will be safe.

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Even if the collection company goes bankrupt, you still owe the bank whatever money you borrowed from them. The bank hires the collection company to get that money, so you still owe them

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Even if the company is now bankrupt they probably had insurance when they were in business but you will have to find out the insurance company. Try to contact the attorney that is handling their BK and notify him that you have a claim. Your best action is to file a claim with your insurance carrier and let them go after the other party. How this will affect your rates depends on the policies of your carrier. Ask your insurance agent.

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If they have done any reinsurance of your profile then it will covered from the reinsurance will depend on the amount also.

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