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It could be a mouth ulcer or a form of mouth herpes. Go to your pharmacist for some cream to apply to your lip and this will clear up the infection. Good luck.

You idjiot! She said Vaginal lip not mouth lip. I think the biggest clue would have been "Vaginal" or even so, who has a left lip on their mouth? And what about the burning and itching?? Sounds to me like a bacterial infection. If there is no smell or discharge more than likely that is what it is. Otherwise it is a yeast infections. I have a bacterial one right now and omggggggg does it burn and itch!!!!

2010-02-22 03:05:44
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Q: What if your left vaginal lip feels like a bug bite but there is nothing there but the rest of your vagina hurts and burns and itches?
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What does it mean when your vagina itches sore and burns when you pee?

Sounds like you have a infection. See a doctor.

What if my vagina itches really bad and i have an odor then when i pee it burns like i have little scratches?

Deare Friend, I think you may have a vaginal infection. You need to check with a doctor if the condition persist. This happens when the acidity of the vagina is compromised. You don't have to be afraid there are several reasons for vaginal infections. I urge you to seek medical attention a.s.a.p. Good luck.

How long will the bug bite last if your right vaginal lip has one on the inside and the rest of your vagina hurts burns and itches?

That was the worst answer ever, but do not worry i have the same one on my lip and it REALLY ITCHES. try putting ice on it. it might be a mosquito bite or maybe a cold sore. if it gets worse i would see a doctor.

What does is mean if yr vagina itches and burns and discharges yellow fluid and it burns while you pee and yr urine is a cloudy yellow?

It means you have some form of an std like a yeast infection

Do yeast infections hurt?

yes,it itches, burns, is irritated, burns when you pee, hurts when you walk. You have extreme pain if you have intercourse.

Is latex rubber toxic?

No but if your skin burns, itches or breaks out in a rash your allergic

A fungus that grows on your feet and causes a rash that itches and burns is called?

athlete's foot.

What do you do if the vagina burns your pines?

Pull it out

Can a ringworm tighten my anus?

Ringworm is a fungal infection. It itches and burns, but it won't tighten anything.

Does it hurt a girl if you pee in her vagina?

It burns.

Right after a pee i have a white colored substance that comes out i am fifteen does this have something to do with my age please help me i do not know what this means?

Sounds like vaginal discharge. I would say it's normal and that you have nothing to worry about. Vaginal discharge are secretions that can vary from clear to white, depending on where you are in your menstrual cycle. Sometimes your panties might bear the evidence of discharge too. You can always wear pantyliners if you're self conscious about it. But you are normal and healthy from the sounds of your question. If it burns or itches, or has a foul odour, than speak to your medical practitioner.

What should you do if your vagina burns?

put lotion on it or conditioner in the shower.

What does it mean when your vagina burns when you wipe yourself?

go to the doctor. . ..

Can you use Johnson Johnson aloe vera vitamin E baby oil gel on vaginal razor burns or should it heal on its own the vagina is a little whiteish in the middle with a pretty bad shaveing cut?

works like a charm

If you have very light spotting when you go pee constant vaginal discomfort and when you have intercourse it burns what could be wrong?

SEE YOUR DOCTOR ASAP! This can be anywhere from a bladder infection, a tear in your vagina, or something more serious. Don't wait, see your doctor.

You have knee pain and your vagina burns why is that?

this doesnt make any sense

Have a flat splotchy rash on lower back and butt does not itch or hurt?

I have a flat splotchy rash on my back and it hurts and itches; it burns also.

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Why does your vagina smell after intercourse?

Oh well the semen, vaginal secretions blend with increaded friction and heat, burns up and mixes well. The chemical reaction creates a unique smell that canot be recreated, as smell varies in a couple every day and no 2 days are same

If you put earwax in a womans vagina does and it burns what does it mean?

It means that she is very sensitive in that place, probably a virgin, and that you probably should not be putting earwax in a woman's vagina.

You used parazone wipes on your vagina and it burns? has a cream that doesn't burn and stops itch..

Does popcorn burn fat?

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If you put ear wax on your finger and put it in a females vagina if it burns her does that mean she has a std?

true! Yes! it is true If you put ear wax on your finger and insert it inside of a females vagina and if it burns her then yes she has a type of STD, but if does burn and you have her records I don't know what to you tell but DON'T DO IT man she got a monster vagina even if you do use a condom don't do it!!