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What if your menstrual cycle lasted for more than 14 days?

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If you mean you were bleeding for more than 14 days, I would go see a doctor. If you meant your entire cycle was more than 14 days, that's normal. It should be around 28 days. Hope this helps answer your question. If you are still unsure, resubmit your question with more detail. Or call a doctor, they'll have more answers for you.

2004-03-01 09:34:15
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What does it mean if your menstrual cycle is more than 35 days?

It simply means that you have a 35 day menstrual cycle, nothing more than that. The typical menstrual cycle is 28 days but everyone is different so some women have longer cycles.

How do you determine the amount of days in your menstrual cycle?

a menstrual cycle (more comonly known as a period) lasts about a week and happens once a month.

How many days can a normal menstrual cycle last?

A typical menstrual cycle lasts between three and five days, however the time period between two and seven days is typical as well. If a woman experiences a menstrual cycle lasting more than seven days, then she should seek medical attention.

What if your period does not come by more than 33 days?

The average menstrual cycle is 28 days, but that doesn't mean that your menstrual cycle is that long - your cycle might be longer, in which case this is normal. Anything up to a weeks variation from your average menstrual cycle is completely normal so nothing to worry about.

Why would menstrual cycle of five days go down to three?

Your menstrual cycle is the entire reproductive cycle including ovulation and menstruation - I think you mean menstruation of five days, not menstrual cycle. Menstruation will vary from one cycle to the next, the explanation is no more complex then that your body is not a machine so it will never have the exact same cycle every single time.

When should you worry about long bleeding in a menstrual cycle?

When its been more than 7 days and if its heavy.

How many days between a menstrual cycle?

there are typically 28 days between cycles but for the first year it could be more or less

Why menstruation occur in human females?

Menstruation occurs in human females to get rid of the unfertilized eggs.Each month, your reproductive system repeats a regular pattern of events (your cycle, or your menstrual cycle), all controlled by hormones.The menstrual cycle is defined as the time from the first day of a woman's period to the first day of her next period. Here are the basics of the menstrual cycle phases.menstrual cycle does not necessarily take place once a month. The average menstrual cycle time for women is 28 days, but your menstrual cycle may last from 21 to 35 days and still be normal.If you have a short menstrual cycle, you may have a period more often than once a month. However, if your menstrual cycle lasts longer, you're one of the women who have fewer periods in a year.

Why is your menstrual cycle lasting longer than 30 days?

mine appears to be 40 days or more at the moment and im really worried

What could it mean if your menstrual cycle is regularly 43 days?

The menstrual cycle is the genetically and hormonally determined cycle of development discovered in women reproductive system. Menstrual cycle is very specific and individual, and can range 24 days to 37 days. Duration is not so important but the regularity is very important. If your cycle is very regular every 43 days, most probably you have not enough estrogens to develop the normal follicle and egg. Another possibility is absence of ovulation. Discover more in recommended related link (visit main page of website and discover more)

Is there any probleme is menstrual cycle come soon?

I think every game playing by the hormones.How does happen Menstrual cycle?A. If hormones in the body reach at particular level then menstrual cycle come. And if hormones is not reach at particular then it take so long time. e.g. more then 28 days.That why Menstrual cycle come soon is not problem. it means hormones level good in your body.

Can your period take 35 days or more to come back on?

Yes, of course it can take 35 days or more to come back on.The typical menstrual cycle is 28 days but everyone is different.

It is possible to be pregnant if you had uprotected sex 7 days ago and your period started but it was light and lasted only 4 days?

If you had sex within seven days of when your periods would normally start then it is not possible for you to be pregnant under normal circumstances. Have a look at the link below to find out a little more about your menstrual cycle.

Can stress stop the menstrual cycle?

No, if you are stressed it's more likely to make the menstrual cycle start earlier. It may make it more heavy too.

How many days after the start of the menstrual cycle is a woman most likely to be fertile?

Woman can be fertile anytime after the start of the menstrual cycle. She can become pregnant even before she gets her menstrual cycle. Usually the first two to three years may be with out ovulation. But this is not the rule of thumb. After this period the woman becomes more likely to have pregnancy.

What do you think if my period last for 1 to 2 days and my usual cycle is monthly or 5 days more than a month and now on second day i see dark brown blood what is the reason?

It is not unusual for a period to last for just a few days and to have a cycle that is more than 28 days per month. It is also not unusual to see dark brown blood during a period. As the menstrual cycle ends, the blood tends to be darker because it is old and being expelled more slowly. Many women have a menstrual cycle that is 35 days in length rather than 28.

Are you more likely to get pregnant the week before or the week after your period comes or goes?

About a week after your menstrual cycle has started is thestart of the time where you are most likely to get pregnant, this lasts for about another 8 days. Go to the link below(The Menstrual cycle) for a chart and more information concerning this subject.

Can Zyban delay the menstrual cycle?

No, Zyban has no effect on the menstrual cycle. Note: if attempting to quit smoking try Easyway, far more effective.

Does woman get pregnant only her fertility days?

A lady may be fertile at any time during her menstrual cycle. That the lady is more fertile at some times during that cycle is true.

When during the menstrual cycle do you urinate more?

During ovulation

How do you know when your next period is?

Typically, a menstrual period is 28 days beginning with the first day of the period. For many females, their cycle will vary from the 28 days, more or less.

How many weeks after your period until you get your next period?

How many weeks until your period depends completely on your menstrual cycle.The average menstrual cycle length is 28 days or 4 weeks, if you deduct the week of menstruation on week 1 then that means 3 weeks until the next period. But again everyone is different so different people will have different menstrual cycles lengths and anything up to a weeks variation in your menstrual cycle is normal, there can also be times when your menstrual cycle is delayed.It's best to keep track of your periods with a period tracker or use Fertility Awareness Method to tell you exactly where you are in your cycle so you know exactly when your period is due even if it's late.

How many days is a typical menstrual cycle?

It can be from 20 days to 35 or more/less with the average being 28. A period can last 3-10 days approximately. To be honest, it all depends on the person.

When is woman most fertile during a menstrual cycle?

in a normal 28 day cycle the time that a woman is most likely to become pregnant from having sexual intercourse is on days 11, 12, 13, 14, and 15 from the time that her menstrual cycle starts (that is the first day you menstrual bleeding starts). for more information on this subject go to the related link below(Fertility Timing).

Can a woman get pregnant for a baby boy three days before the menstrual period?

Yes you can get pregnant at any moment. It's more likely to happen a couple days before your menstrual cycle tho. And there's no telling if your going to have a boy or a girl for a few ninths.