What if your mum cant stop drinking alcohol you have told her numerous times but she denies it and keeps getting drunk every night you and your family need help what can you do?

Talk to the school counselor or your priest. they will be able to help you find a program. Alcoholics anonymous can help with explaining what is going on.


Your poor mum has a disease called alcoholism and she cannot help her sickness. She will need care and help to overcome it. It is inherited, so there is a chance more family members have had or will struggle with the same problems.

Bad events in people lives sometimes drive them to the drink to try and forget, counseling may help stop that. But, during this time, you and your family will also need support and understanding. This disease affects the entire family. Please reach out to an adult you trust who is in a position of being able to help.



Police officer


Sound like you may be over the pond in the UK. I am not familiar with the services over there as I am in the USA. I did a quick search and came up with these links:


The National Alcohol Helpline - Tel: 0800 917 8282 Offers: help to callers worried about their own drinking; support to the family and friends of people who are drinking; advice to callers on where to go for help.





Good luck to you, you have a struggle ahead of you, but you will get through it, You are certainly not alone.