What if your new man flirts with every girl he encounters?

I'm surprised you've put up with it for this long. This is extremely disrespectful towards you. If a guy did that to me once I'd be long gone and you wouldn't see me for my dust. It's time to kick this jerk to the curb and find a guy that appreciates you. Stand strong, accept nothing less than you would give in a relationship and keep hunting!

Good luck Marcy


Though it is in fact extremely disrespectful, bear in mind that a guy might not necessarily think he is in a committed relationship yet. Many people believe in "open dating", which is the concept that they will date several people at once in order to find someone they are truly close to. He could honestly have no idea that his behaviour is bothering you and may think that you aren't boyfriend and girlfriend yet. Talk to him about it, and gauge his response.


If he's like that, then the other two answers are right it's disrespectful for you and insulting. I'm going to be frank with you but this is a sign that he has or is capable of cheating on you, find a man who treasures you and makes you feel your worth every Penny because this guys no worth your time