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Reproductive maturity can be reached before dogs have finished growing.

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What age do female pit bulls go into heat?

Every kind of dog (female) gets into heat from 6 months of age and then every 6 months. (only if not spayed)

You have an extremely itchy rash that appears on the back of your hands only and it doesn't leave for a few months?


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How often are rabbits in heat?

Female rabbits are seldom out of heat in warm months. In the winter it is harder to catch them when they are in heat. It is a natural survival instinct carried over from wild ancestor's. Wild bunnies only breed in the months when they are sure they can raise babies before the food gets scarce. Domestic females are only out of heat 2 or 3 days a month.

What percent votes did Scotty get vs Lauren in finale?

it was a 33% difference,,,meaning that scotty only got like 102 votes more then Lauren

When does a dog a heat again?

Generally, dogs come into heat every 6 months, but it can vary a month either side of that. Basenji dogs only come into heat once a year.

How long does a king snake live with out food and heat?

without food hatchlings live up to 1 month and adults live up to 6 months with out food and heat when hidernating up to six months adults only a hatchling will die with out heat whitin days

Only a small percentage of the electric energy fed into a light bulb is transformed into light what happens to the remaining energy?

It appears as heat

You think your westie is in heat this would be third time in year is that possible?

It is very possible. Most dogs come into heat 6 months apart, but some only go 4 months between heats. Those dogs can come into heat 3 times per year.

What age can a female dog become pregnant?

Females can only get pregnant during heat. They can have their first season as early as 6 months old. If they are not in heat and are mated, they can not get pregnant.

Should you be worried if after six months of the last heat your dog still has not come to heat again?

No, as not all Dog's come into heat every six months exactly. Some may have a heat cycle eight or nine months after the last one. Smaller breeds usually have their heats slightly further apart than larger breeds. Also, some breeds of Dog, such as the Basenji, only have one heat cycle a year so it is nothing to worry about.

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Can your male 7 mnth old cat go into heat or start acting weird because the other household animal dog is in heat?

cats can go into heat from 6 months on ---------- No, cats are like humans. They only go into heat when needed.

Which is the only memorial to ave a statue of a presidents pet?

FDR. He is featured sitting with his pet Scotty.

Can a dog breed any time?

no, dogs can only breed while their in heat. they're gestation period is around 2 months

What word appears in the bible only three times?

"Godhead only appears three times in the bible.

What Are the Phases during which the moon appears as only a tiny sliver?

what moon appears only a tiny sliver

Can you get your kitten neutered if shes in heat?

Well no if you can't neuter a cat if SHE is in heat. You only neuter HE's!! U spay a female!! And when u say Kitten how old is that? Cats don't go in to heat until 9-16 months.

When is a dog most likely to get pregnant?

She'll only get pregnant when in her heat, which happens every six months. And in age usaaly after the age of one.

What are facts about female horses?

They can be very difficult to work with when in heat, they have only one offspring per birth, they are pregnant for 11-12 months.

Why would heat make an aluminum bag shrivel?

It is not aluminum, it only appears metallic. It is a polymer plastic and when heated the molecular structure changes, causing it to shrink and deform.

After dogs give birth how soon can they reproduce?

It is usually 174 (about 5 1/2 months )days between each heat. If you wean then pups at 8 weeks and then wait to breed the mom again, it sould only be about 3 1/2 months before she will come into heat again.

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The name "Chloe" only appears once in the Bible and is the only woman named this name.

A mixture that appears to contain only one substance is a?

It APPEARS to contain only one substance, so it is a.... homogeneous mixture. (:

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