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Why should he? You could move instead.

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Q: What if your spouse refuses to move out during a divorce?
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In the state of Illinois can one spouse file for a divorce even if the othe spouse refuses?

Even in Illinois both must file for divorce, then only will things move forward.

If your spouse refuses to sign the divorce papers and there are no kids or property and you move to another state does the unwilling spouse have to come out to that state to go to court?

Any subsequent contestation hearing must take place in the state where the dissolution (divorce) petition is filed.

What options are there if spouse refuses to pay one half of mortgage payment?

The options include: stop paying the mortgage and let the bank repossess the house; pay the entire mortgage yourself; divorce the spouse and move out; divorce the spouse and stay, while your spouse moves out; find out why your spouse refuses to pay half of the mortgage and see if some agreement can be reached; seek cheaper housing; go on an extended backpack tour of Europe; enlist in the army. That's about it.

How do you divorce in Fable 2?

You cannot divorce in Fable 2. But your spouse can divorce you. move them to a horrible house, (Gypsy Camp) then set there daily allowance to 0. Very soon your spouse will divorce you.

How do you get a divorce and not move out of your house?

To get a divorce without moving out of your house, you will need to get your spouse to move out, or reach an agreement about continuing to live (separately) in the home.

What if a spouse won't move out after divorce is signed in IL?

The divorce should have included a motion to this effect, otherwise not required to.

Can you move to a different state during the divorce?


What happens when you get a divorce with your sim in sims 3 ambition?

When you get a divorce ,if your spouse has moved in with you ,you can ask them to move out and if you have had a child with your ex-spouse your child lives with you or you can have shared custody of the child but if it is a teenager when you and your previous partner get a divorce you will ask them to choose who they will live with and they can either choose you or your ex-spouse or shared custody

What if a spouse cannot afford to move out after a divorce?

That falls under the category of tough luck. If the spouse can not afford to move, the other would have to agree to let them stay. If they do not agree, the other has to go.

How do you get spouse to move before divorce is over?

The best is for you to move out. You can't force him but maybe you might be able to convince him through talking.

When should you get a divorce?

You should consider divorce when: * You are being mentally or physically abused * When your spouse is constantly cheating and there is no sign of it stopping. * When the spouse is either an alcoholic, drug user and refuses treatment. * When both parties argue beyond reason constantly and there is no end in sight. This can be extremely hard on any children the couple may have and a waste of time for the couple to be together. * If the spouse disappears for days or weeks at a time without any explanation as to where they have been. * If the male is capable of working, but refuses to support his family. These are a few reasons. If the person has a problem and seeks help then the other spouse should be there as support. If the spouse doesn't cooperate then it's time to move on. It's not healthy for you or any children involved.

Can an inmate who received a life sentence contest a divorce in Florida?

The State of Florida is a no-fault divorce state, meaning the court will not assign fault to either party for the divorce. Neither spouse can prevent the other from obtaining a divorce. Marriage is not a prison and an inmate who is incarcerated for life cannot impose a life sentence on their spouse. She/he has the right to move on with their life. The inmate does not have to consent to the divorce.

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