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Unfoutunutly no that dose not count other wise it would be kind a like a cip a tooth

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Q: What if your tooth is loose back of your tooth can it come out?
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Can your new tooth come out crooked if you wiggle your loose tooth?

no it did not with me

How do you get your tooth loose?

mostly to loose your teeth move it back and forth and it will eventually become loose

How do you pull out a really loose tooth?

on Halloween i was eating a milky way and it pulled out my loose tooth and it wasn't even that loose so it would definitely pull out a really loose tooth (and it didn't even hurt!!) that ^^^was someone elses answer. my answer was I was eating a hotdog, and I bit down on my loose tooth, as i always do. It didnt hurt at ALL! I felt it come out and i spit out my hotdog on my desk. I ran to the bathroom and clean my gums. after it stopped bleeding, I ran back and found my tooth, thinking about how easy it was!=) good luck

Is it possible for a tooth to start growing under your loose tooth?

Yes, it is very possible to have a tooth grow under a loose tooth. I have experienced this before. If the tooth hasn't come out when the tooth under it is almost done growing, you should see a dentist. I visited a dentist and got my tooth pulled out.

How do you make a loose tooth come out without pulling it?

toffee ;) i hope this helps

How Do You Save A Loose Adult Tooth?

Go the the dentist. If it comes out stick it back in.

How do you save loose adult tooth?

Go the the dentist. If it comes out stick it back in.

Why do nerves begin to die in a tooth?

It usually happens when a tooth is loose and about to come out and disconnect from the nerves. Which means the nerves no longer have a tooth To hold down.

Over the counter products for loose tooth?

what product can i use for a loose tooth

What does your tooth mean when its pinkish?

In most cases, it's loose and almost ready to come out.

Do your canine teeth come out?

Hello I belive they do because my daughter has a loose cainine tooth.

Can a loose tooth come out on its own?

Yes, quite easily especially whilst eating.

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