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I'm gonna answer this because it's so bizarre.

First, if you're really eating cement you may develop silicosis. It is in the same family and prognosis as emphysema and other lung diseases. While others inhale cement fibers through work and develop this condition, you have chosen to eat it. Therefore, you may have spared yourself the fatigue and oxygen-tank lifestyle of the lung disorder. Your gains are not all that pleasant considering your liver has no idea how to digest cement (Portland or otherwise) and this can lead to premature liver failure. Ultimately, the carcinogens, including particles of asbestos, uranium, iron, Mercury, and Jimmy Hoffa Sr. can also lead to an earlier departure.

But there's good news. Modern burial methods now include enclosing coffins in a concrete vault beneath the ground. You may be alone down there, but at least you have something to snack on.

Finally, perhaps your question included a typo or misspelling. In that case your question is more sexual in nature. Cement or semen (as we call it in the trade) is a natural moisturizer, and after a long day of grinding and mixing concrete, I know fellas that spread it all over their face and arms. I've never heard of any of them eating it, but I suppose it works its way down there eventually. They seem to be fine, so more power to you. Just be sure that your cemen supplier is reputable. When and if you need more, they should deliver any time, night or day. Good luck with that.

--> withdrawal symptons

maybe substitute it with something else that perhaps wouldn't give you braindamage :)


Perhaps there is a "foundation" that can answer this question! I just cannot come up with a "concrete" asnwer for it.

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Q: What illnesses would someone face in the future if they have recently stopped eating cement?
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