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What impact could homeschooling have on a student's social scene?

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As far as social scene goes, homeschoolers are not very different. They may get teased about being homeschooled by some but people tend to be more intrigued than hurtful. Some homeschoolers don't have a sense of fashion, or develope one later. Homeschoolers can have difficulty talking to people their own age mainly because they don't have a lot of interaction with their peers but this may be only a stage which they will grow out of.

All of this can be avoided if the child is given opportunity(and maybe pushed a little) to spend time with other children. Ideas include (but are certainly not limited to) 4-H, camp, homeschool communities, playdates, and church activities.

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How does social networking help students in their studies?

they could ask a question online there status or there is several pages desiccated for students which could help them.

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Impact of load shedding on students?

loadshedding have had a worst impact on students. their study shedule is disturbed. they cannot study properly because loadshedding has frustrated them. nowadays, the summer is at its peak, and without electricity everybody is fadeup. when students do not have proper sleep they could not study well and this will effect their study.students could not study at night due to this .

Why do you have problems in school?

Most of the time the problems occur in school either because students struggle to learn quickly or mischievous children disrupt the classroom causing the rest of the students to loose precious learning time. Some children mature quickly in learning while others struggle to live up to their educational potential. If you are experiencing either of these scenarios homeschooling could be a perfect option for you. This answer resource will explain advantages of homeschooling.

What is the impact of social networking sites?

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How much money does it take for homeschooling?

the money is not what you should be concerned with. The homeschooling programs out there are all christian based and that could prevent your child from learning science based material.

How did streetcars impact the social relationship of young people?

young people could interact without supervision

Why is homeschooling safer?

There's no answer because there's no long term evidence either way. It's probably not. Even if you could statistically show homeschooling was somehow safer, I would assume that any correlation is intimately tied to the distribution of those home-schooled vs those public schooled. This would be heavily weighted to wealth, and therefore better neighborhoods (due to socioeconomic status). By extension, everything would be safer and you could no more say that homeschooling is safer than being in an affluent neighborhood is safer. Additionally, even if everything I said could be disproven, the temporal characteristics need to be taken into consideration and social behaviors of those home-schooled vs. private schooled vs. public schooled would need to be correlated. For example, is there any regression in terms of violence that can NOT be attributed to socioeconomic status when comparing home-schooled students against public-schooled students at 40 years old (aka, did homeschooled students learn the social lessons necessary to successfully navigate the world when compared to another sample). Safer? To say that I doubt it is an understatement. Different? Most certainly. Is this question actually answerable even remotely? No.

How did streetcars impact the social relationships of young people?

young people could interact without parental supervision

Does homeschooling lead to work problems?

No Homeschooling is amazing! Especially if you do FLVS, you can work at your own pace and it is so much easier than traditional school. Take it from me, a current homeschooler who was a seventh grader in August and is now a ninth grader since March, homeschooling is the best that you could ever do!!!

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Where can I read more about homeschooling?

The website fpea.com should be the perfect website to answer your question. This website deals exclusively with the topic of homeschooling. This site is for Florida, though. I read through some other websites but they are just talking about the advantages of homeschooling. I could not find a specific website in detail. Try the library or your state government.

Why have schools blocked the social media?

Because they do not want students like yourself to be on Facebook, Myspace because if something happened to you and they allowed you to be on these "Social Media Sites" than they could get sued by your parents.

Are there any internet links to essays or articles about the dangers or downsides to homeschooling?

I'm not sure if I've ever seen an article on the downsides to homeschooling - there are just too many advantages! A study was completed last year which you may be interested in reading: Perhaps a downside could be burnout by parents, partcularly if they've been homeschooling several children for several years. Good luck! Since you asked, NBC did a "Law and Order - Special Victims Unit" on homeschooling being a cover for child abuse. (Go to nbc.com and search for articles on homeschooling.) However, I think that is a grossly inaccurate portrayal of most homeschooling families. Like the last person said, there are only too many advantages to homeschooling that outweigh any "dangers or disadvantages."

How do I learn about free homeschooling?

I would start by getting homeschooling information from your local school, as the schools most likely provide this information to school counselors. You could also ask other local families for advice if they have done the same thing.

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A science class has a ratio of 3 boys to 2 girls What is the largest class that could be formed with less than 40 students?

21 boys + 14 girls = 35 studentsThis also works for math and social studies classes.

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What is The best accommodation option for international students?

I believe that living in university dorms is the best accomodation option for international students. Living on campus allows for a more social atmosphere in which students from abroad are more likely to meet other students with whom they could socialize. It is also usually more cost efficient than living off-campus.

Which are the best sites that offer online homeschooling?

There are a vast number of sites that offer homeschooling and blogs from other homeschooling parents to share unique ideas to prevent boredom. Some great sites to look into could include the sites at jimmiescollage, time4learning, regent, icademy, homeschool. Another great option is to check out the businessinsider webpage which will refer you to ten other possible webpages that fit your needs.

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It would cause a rise in crime. Un-checked, it could stimulate and magnify wide-spread social unrest, rioting and anarchy.

Is could an active or passive verb?

"Could" is used as both an active or passive verb, as for example: Active: The students could answer the exam. Passive: The exam could be answered by the students.

Does the social class have have any effect on education achievement in Scotland?

Yes, social class can have an affect on your education as if you are from a lower class, this could hinder your opportunities and therefore leave you demoralised about education. however, higher class students face different problems as stereotypically they could be lazy towards education as they are supported financially and have no need for education. On the other hand a poorer students could do extremely well in an attempt to free themselves from poverty. whichever class you are in your mindset towards education is.

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