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Q: What impact did Braxton Bragg have in the Civil War?
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What did Braxton Bragg do in the Civil War?

he faught

Who was Braxton Bragg?

General in the confederate army during the Civil War

How was Braxton Bragg part of civil war?

ANSWER He was a Confederate general (Army Commander).

What is Braxton Bragg best known for?

Braxton Bragg was a Civill War General, Fort Bragg is named for him

Who was the tallest civil war general?

Of the famous ones, I would guess Braxton Bragg

What is Braxton Bragg famous for?

Braxton Bragg is famous for a military career of a Confederate officer in the United States of America. He participated in the civil war, he is considered as a brave hero.

Who was the the Confederate leader at the US Civil War Battle of Chickamauga?

Confederate troops led by Braxton Bragg defeated Union forces here on September 19-20, 1863. General Braxton Bragg .

What caused former Confederate General Braxton Bragg to die?

Former Confederate General Braxton Bragg died mysteriously in Texas after the US Civil War. He was only 59 when he died of natural causes.

Did Confederate Major General Braxton Bragg die during the US Civil War?

Confederate Major General Braxton Bragg did not die during the US Civil War. He survived the war. Bragg died on 27 September 1876 which was well after the end of the American Civil War which ended 9 April 1865. Bragg was only 59 when he died. Bragg was walking down a street with a friend in Galveston, Texas, when he suddenly fell over dead. A local legend holds that there is a mysterious light near the place of his death, which is called Bragg's light.

What war was the battle of chickamauga fought?

The American Civil War. It was in-between the two battles of Chattanooga, and it was won by the Confederates under Braxton Bragg.

When did Confederate General Braxton Bragg graduate from West Point?

Confederate General Braxton Bragg graduated form West Point in 1837. He ranked fifth in his class that had fifty graduates that year. General Bragg played a large role in the Western Theater of the US Civil War.

Who were the generals for the North and South in the US Civil War Battle of Chattanooga?

At the US Civil War Battle of Chattanooga, the Union was led by General US Grant and the Confederacy was led by General Braxton Bragg.

Who was the confederate in the Chickamauga war?

The general was Braxton Bragg and the Confederate Army of Tennessee.

Who were the leaders of battle stone's river in the civil war?

Union Major General William Starke Rosencrans. CSA Lieutenant General Braxton Bragg.

Who name is spelled with a b during the civil war?

Burnside Beauregard Braxton Bragg Barnard Bee (the one who called Jackson'Stonewall') al.

How many promotions did Confederate General Braxton Bragg receive in the Mexican War?

In the Mexican American War, Captain Braxton Bragg won three brevet promotions. He was an outstanding officer in that war. He graduated from West Point in 1847.

A number of Civil War Generals cut their teeth during the Mexican-American War such as who?

Ulysses S. Grant, Robert E. Lee, Braxton Bragg, Stonewall Jackson,

How many armies was Braxton Bragg in?

Braxton Bragg was in....... 14 wars!Second seminole war Mexican- American warseige of fort brownbattle of monterreybattle of buena vistaAmerican civil warbattle of Shilohbattle of perryvillebattle of stones riverbattle of chickamauga3rd battle of Chattanooga2nd battle of fort fisherbattle of bentaville

Why did the US Civil War Battle of Stone's River take place?

The US Civil War battle of Stone's River was the result of Confederate Braxton Bragg's attempt to push back the Union army of General Rosencrans. The battle was lost by the South after a fierce artillery barrage. Bragg was forced to retreat.

What has the author Braxton Bragg written?

Braxton Bragg has written: 'Kentuckians. I have entered your state with the Confederate Army of the West ...' -- subject(s): Confederate Propaganda, History 'To the home guards of Kentucky' -- subject(s): Capitulations, Military, Guards troops, History, Kentucky Civil War, 1861-1865, Military Capitulations

Who were the commanders of the south in the civil war?

Sidney Johnston Joseph E. Johnston Robert E. Lee Braxton Bragg James Longstreet Stonewall Jackson John Hood

What role did Confederate Brigadier General Braxton Bragg have in the first few months of the US Civil War?

As hostilities between the Confederates and the Union reached the boiling point of "no return" Braxton Bragg joined the Confederacy as a brigadier general in the Provisional Army of the Confederate States. During the first few months of the US Civil War, Bragg served as a coastal commander for all land forces from Pensacola, Florida to Mobile, Alabama. Confederate President Davis belied that Bragg showed great promise and in September of 1861 he received a promotion to Major General.

What side did braxtron bragg fight in the civil war?


What was the US Civil War battle in Tennessee between Confederate General Braxton Bragg and Union General William Rosencrans?

Generals Braxton Bragg and William Rosecrans were the military leaders at the Battle of Stones River. The Battle of Stones River is also known as the Second Battle of Murfreesboro. It was fought in middle Tennessee from December 31, 1862, to January 2, 1863. The Union forces led by William Rosecrans defeated the Confederate forces led by Braxton Bragg.

How many states were included in the confederacy during the civil war?

Eleven states. When Braxton Bragg was able to set-up a Confederate government in Kentucky, the regimental tailors were ordered to sew a twelfth star into the Stars and Bars, but that government collapsed as soon as Bragg retreated.