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Hitler by 1936 made the depression a bad memory in Germany revitalizing the economy while Roosevelt's new deal had Americans still standing in soup kitchen lines

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Q: What impact did Hitler have on the economy of Germany?
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What was the impact of Hitler's rule on Germany?

sadness religions falling Hitler brought Germany out of a depression and improved there economy.

Could Hitler had been stopped if Germany had a strong and healthy economy?

If they had a strong economy Hitler never would have come to power, The poor economy is what drove Hitler to power. Germany's poor economy was our fault after the first world war.

What negative impact did Hitler have on Germany?

hitler was a bad man

Who did Hitler claim was controlling the money and banks of Germany?

Hitler claimed the Jews was secretly controlling the economy of Germany.

What was the economy in World War 2?

America's economy was in terrible shape, but Germany's, Italy's, and Japan's economy where in great shape, Germany had the best at the time. Adolf Hitler made the Economy in Germany prosperous.

Was the economy in Germany good when Hitler began his dictatorship?

that is true

Was the economy good in Germany when Hitler began his dictator ship?


What impact did Hitler's death and World War 2 have on Germany?

After World War 2 and Hitler's death, Germany was partitioned into West Germany and East Germany. East Germany had a communist government.

How did Germany's bad economy aid Hitler's rise to power?

yess he did

What impact do entrepreneurial resources have on Germany's economy?

They benefit the economy by providing jobs, goods, and competition.

Which country has the best economy in Europe?

Germany has the best economy in Europe. Has the most outcome and budget cutbacks. Germany is the best because Hitler could control the economy and kill Jews with his brain.

Why was Hitler Time Magazine's 'Man of the Year'?

He improved Germany's economy (1938).

What did Hitler promise middle class Germany?

That he would help the economy get better

How did Hitler get elected to office in Germany?

He made passionate speeches promissing to save Germany's economy <-- Novanet

Was Germany a nice place to live in before Hitler ruled?

Compared to today, no. The economy collapsed becaus of the global economy crises and Germany had to carry the damages of WW1.

Why did the impact of the depression help Hitler?

Hitler promised work and said he would fix all of their problems and raise Germany back to it's former glory. The people believed he would do this and as he fixed the social econimic problems, the people loved him and trusted him. Hitler also helped the German economy by reopening the war industry. He hurt Germany by outlawing political dissent.

How did hitler hinder Germany?

Germany was very strong under Hitler. People had jobs and the economy was good. The only problem was that Hitler kept invading other countries. Hitler hindered Germany because he tried to invade too many countries. He tried to go to war with most of the world.

What was Germany's economy like when Hitler took power?

After the Great War (World War I) it was decided that Germany should be blamed for the war and pay retribution. The German mark (their currency) was literally reduced to nothing. The economy when Hitler became Chancellor was in shambles.

What happened to Germany during World War 1?

Germany lost to the Allied Powers. The Allied powers blamed Germany for The Entire WWI, causing German Economy Fall. With this Fall of German economy, Hitler was able to rise to power promising a Better Economy if they Took it all from the Jews. This caused WWII. (Little bit of Odd info: Hitler's Grandmother was Jewish. And Hitler was Brown Haired with Brown Eyes)

What was the situation in Germany that allowed a nazi take over?

The economy was failing, and Hitler gave them someone to blame it on...the Jews. Hitler was also very influential and persuasive. The economy was failing, and Hitler gave them someone to blame it on...the Jews. Hitler was also very influential and persuasive.

Why was the reason for murder of Jews by Hitler?

Hitler blamed the Jews for all of Germany's troubles like losing World War I and their poor economy.

What was Adolph Hitler mean purpose?

It was to bring up germany from the awful crisis and the economy downfall.

How did the Treaty of Versailles set the stages for the rise of Nazism in Germany?

Because of the Treaty of Versailles. This treaty really punished Germany and Germany was in such a hard condition that they were desperate to do anything to get out of the desperate economy that they lived in. When Hitler came and said that he had a plan, everyone started listening to him and started doing what he said to do because he really did help Germany get out of their desperate economy and their economy started to do better. Then Hitler started the Nazi army and nobody did anything about it...

What impact did world war 1 have on Europes economy?

IT put the treaty of versiua (not correct spelling) which mention that Germany could only have so many army and basically controlled them improving the economy until Hitler thought of making a small group that grew huge.

Why did hitler and the nazis want to get rid of the jews?

Adolf Hitler believed that the Jews were undermining the economy in Germany. He also viewed them as imperfect and a subhuman species.