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The US 1st Army did have seggregated squaddies and the black squaddies did have a lot more freedom to 'socialise' with the local female population.There are GI Joes that are certainly the fathers of several Bristol inhabitants. GIs had much more money to lavish on the ladies and this did put the british Tommy's noise out of joint.What I'd like to know is did the US Army have any presence at all prior to October 1943? When did the Brislington barracks open?

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What impact did Juno Beach have on World War2?

It opened a road that aloud Allied soldiers to break the lines of German soldiers. The Allied soldiers who fought there had a big impact on society.

What impact did the French and Indian War have on England?

The french and Indian war had a huge impact on England it is....WHAT THE FRENCH WERE IN A WAR!

What was the wars impact on france and england?

One impact from the wars on France and England was the settlement to new land that opened up.

Who was India allied with during the Cold War?

India had British outposts in it, so it was an allied country. India's military itself, however, had little to no impact on the war.

What impact did medieval England have on the rest of the world?

It had a lot of impact on the rest of the world.

What was Henry viii of England impact on European history?

He created the Church of England.

What was the impact of industrialization on England cities?


Was Ecuador involved in World War 2?

Ecuador was an Allied country, but I do not think that they had a direct impact on the course of the war.

What impact did the Hundred Years War have on Europe?

having a stronger governments but also left England and France with less influence than they had before. They both lost people! <3

What was D-day's impact?

It was very demoralising for the Germans, who now had to fight face to face wit Allied sodiers

What was the impact of the Normandy Landings on the Allied war effort during World War 2?

Answer this question… The massive amount of Allied forces landing in Normandy caused the German army to retreat and the Allies to reclaim France.

What impact did Serbia's sence of nationalism have on tensions in Europe prior to world war 1?

Serbian nationalism increased tensions within Europe before World War I. Serbia wanted to create a pan-Slavic state in the Balkans which included Bosnia-Herzegovina, held by Austria-Hungary. Serbia was allied with Russia and Austria was allied with Germany. Russia allied with France. A war between Serbia and Austria threatened to involve the whole of Europe.

How did Queen Elizabeth I impact history?

help the renaissance flourish in England

What country culture had the greatest impact on the language and religion of Australia?


Which countries culture had the greatest impact on the language and religion of Australia?


How did the Crusades impact England?

The Crusades did not impact England directly Indirectly however, the Crusades caused Richard I of England to go on his famous crusade and he would eventually die without ever seeing England again. His brother, John I, succeeded him, and proceeded to lose Normandy to the French, and face rebellions in England which culminated in John signing the famous Magna Carta.

Why sir Robert Walpole was such a significant individual in England?

Discuss the restoration and the glorious revolution and the impact each of these events have in England?

What impact did the Glorious Revolution have on England from a political point of view?

The Glorious Revolution helped turn England into a Constitutional Monarchy

Political stability impact of Highly enriched uranium device successfully detonated US Allied nation?

No supplementary political stability.

What was the wars impact on france and england-?

There hostility between France and England, marked by the series of wars. During this period, England feared a French invasion led by Napoleon.

How did Henry the eighth get more power?

by making the church of England stopping the pope from having any impact on England`s religion

Impacts on the french and Indian and England and France and Spain and its impact on the relationship between England and its American colonies?

chicken nuggets with sald

What impact Declaration of Independence?

It declared war on the king and that the colonies were free of England.

What was Mary queen of Scots impact on society?

She tried to restor Catholicism in England.

What negative impact did Oliver Cromwell have on history?

He helped to rule England and defend it