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The Crusades were rising hostility to the Jews. More and More Christians believed that all non-Christians were their enemy. On their way to Palestine, some Crusaders massacred European Jews and continued the killing in Palestine. After the Crusades, Jews were expelled from England in 1290 and from France in 1306 and again in 1394. Many of these Jews moved to eastern Europe. Many Crusaders who stayed in Palestine came to respect Muslims, but Cristian tolerance toward Jews continued.


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It reduced the Jewish population by about two thirds.

The crusades raised the Christian population because people feared they would be killed if they were not Christian, Jewish people were murdered and went in to hiding but were tolerated in some countries and Muslims were forced to Asia there declining Muslim population.

the crusades helpef the europeans

how did the crusafes impact the economy of Europe

It reduced the population by 70%. it scared the entire Jewish community and it still haunts them today.

CRUSADES:the crusades were a series of holy wars launched by the christian states of Europe against the saracans.INQUISITION:the inquisision was a roman catholic tribunal for discovery and punishment of hershey, which was marked which was marked by the seventy of questioning and punishment and lack of rights afforded by the accused.ANSWER:the crusades and the inquisition wanted the things the jewish people had like the impact of colonist and technologyBTW:if im wrong i tried :) my first one soo yea

The impact varied from region to region

The impact of the Crusades on Europe were substantial. Although not its intention, the Crusades stimulated trade with the East. This introduced to Europe luxury goods. Other impacts were as follows: A. The Crusades took pressure off of the Byzantine empire; B. As nobles left their lands in Europe to fight, it allowed kings in Europe and the Church to regain some of their power; C. Religious fraternities such as the Knights Templars began to keep guard on Holy Land activities; and D. Taking heed of financial institutions in the East, the basis of a banking system began to develop in Europe.

It reduced the population by 70%. it scared the entire Jewish community and it still haunts them today.

Well, Hitler basically tore down the Jewish population throughout Europe. He instilled anti-semitism there. He ended the great battle era and after wwii the terrorist era began.

Crusades had a major impact on the building of castles as many large castles were built across Europe. The crusades were expensive and led to the creation of governmental processes to asses and collect taxes. In turn, this led to the current taxation system that has now been adopted around the world.

I think that the crusades didn't leave much impact on Muslim societies as it made to the crusaders themselves . they bring with them back to Europe the Islamic foods,Textiles industry and many others things which Europe in these ages of darkness couldn't understand ;so the impact of the Great Islamic civilization could be seen clearly in even in the world of nowadays

The crusade effected the economy by, Not having enough money No holy land Lots of debts and [ taxes go up ]

The crusades had a big impact on trade because all the towns were being fought and won over so all their food and produce was running low which meant that all produce became more expensive because everybody was willing to pay the price.

Because of the Crusades, the stage was set for the Protestant Reformation. The Protestant Reformation is when man rejected the distorted Christianity of Rome and turned to the truths of the Biblical Christianity.

increasing religious rivalries

The advance of Islam into Europe by the Seljuk Turks, later the Ottoman Empire ended with the Crusades. Infighting among the various Muslims sects and empires stimulated by the Crusades and the Spanish Inquisition coupled with the prerequisites for an industrial revolution found in Britain denuded the Middle east of resources at a critical time of developement. In a sense the Crusades began the equivalent of the Dark Ages for Islamic empires.

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The Vikings impact on Europe was that they were Farmers and Traders.

perseation of jews and muslims econmic development via trade kings and popes gained power as a result hope this helps

The impact the vikings had on Europe was they were farmers and traders.

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