What impact did the holocaust have a on the Jewish population of Europe?


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It reduced the Jewish population by about two thirds.

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It reduced the population by 70%. it scared the entire Jewish community and it still haunts them today.

It reduced the population by 70%. it scared the entire Jewish community and it still haunts them today.

Anne Frank was a Holocaust victim and she was not a position to have an impact on the Holocaust itself or on Jewish history. Her diary is immensely valuable as a vivid account of the life of a Jewish girl in extremely difficult and dangerous circumstaces during the Holocaust.

The Germans answer to the Jewish question, racilist hate.

The Jewish community has been a part of Georgia history since its founding in 1733 so the impact of the Holocaust on Georgians during WWII was minimal.

Impact of Holocaust: DEATH.Impact on people: made some go insane, left homeless, no family.They weren't just killed they were gased, worked to death, and impaled just because they were Jewish.Sad Jews

Well, Hitler basically tore down the Jewish population throughout Europe. He instilled anti-semitism there. He ended the great battle era and after wwii the terrorist era began.

The crusades raised the Christian population because people feared they would be killed if they were not Christian, Jewish people were murdered and went in to hiding but were tolerated in some countries and Muslims were forced to Asia there declining Muslim population.

The aftermath of the Holocaust had a profound effect on society in both Europe and the rest of the world. Its impact could be felt in theological discussions, artistic and cultural pursuits and political decisions. The fate of displaced persons and Holocaust survivors was a major issue, one which eventually led to the establishment of Israel by Jewish survivors. We opened a memorial museum for that tragic event

The Nuremberg laws (1935) stripped German Jews of their German citizenship, and prohibited marriage or sexual relations between Jews and other Germans. They also defined who is considered Jewish, based on ancestry.The impact was that these laws legalized anti-Jewish persecutions, and enabled the Holocaust (mass killing of Jews) to start.See also:Why didn't they fight back

The US Constitution was not affected by Holocaust.

it is a personal thing, over half of the population does not know that it happened, many of the others do not care.

Impact of Holocaust: DEATH. Impact on people: made some go insane, left homeless, no family.

he called for it to happen..................

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The Vikings impact on Europe was that they were Farmers and Traders.

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The country of Israel probably exists today only because there was a Holocaust.

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CRUSADES:the crusades were a series of holy wars launched by the christian states of Europe against the saracans.INQUISITION:the inquisision was a roman catholic tribunal for discovery and punishment of hershey, which was marked which was marked by the seventy of questioning and punishment and lack of rights afforded by the accused.ANSWER:the crusades and the inquisition wanted the things the jewish people had like the impact of colonist and technologyBTW:if im wrong i tried :) my first one soo yea

Jews were stripped of their citizenship and banned from marrying German citizens.

Even though the holocaust was a sad thing, it made a tremendous impact on history.

Black Death killed 75 to 200 million people. Around 30-60% or total population.

It did immense damage to Germany's reputation.

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