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What impact did the invention of computers have on society?


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people had an easier way to live in a better society way to do their work and people were able to comunicate by internet. Many people were able to do a lot of things much easier such as mail, bills, talk, advertise,and sell thing ,etc....


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his invention impact the world because we need it to have computers and other things.

how computers programs impact modern society

The invention of electricity has had a great impact on the society. Electricity has been a main source of different forms of energy like lighting, heating and mechanical.

It was much easier to communicate with people

It had a big impact on society. It helps us keep many things together/closed.

Assessing what impact and effect a new act or invention would be on the economy and society at large where such an act or invention is introduced.

he made travel faster and easier

Society become global village and link with eachother every time.

The impact of IT in our society is that the IT maintenance workers help us. What that means is that they are the ones who fix our computers or reboot them if your computer had a major virus.

Society has a more modern view now. The invention of cells phones and computers has really made an outbreak

it made it easier to do math for sales and faster

it made peopla more awer of the world around them

Computers have impacted society in every aspect. From how products function, to how to elements of the products we use are created, to how we communicate, to how we work and live - everything is affected by computers.

How has the invention of Microchip changed computers as we know it today

Henry T Sampson invention impact society because if we didn't have cell phone we wouldn't get to talk to people over the phone we would have to write letters. that would take to long and it would waste trees.

The internet and computers play a very important rlo in the 21st century. The biggest impact is that computers and the internet have improved daily lives, despite the negative impacts computers and the internet is two things that will never grow out.

There was a dramatic drop in demand for jobs as human computers, a previously rapidly expanding job category.

Robert Fulton was the inventor of steamboats, submarines and torpedoes.

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Lewis Latimer was credited with several inventions, however the invention that had the greatest impact on society was his improvements to the electric lamp. Lewis was a member of the Edison Pioneers, a group of 28 inventors who worked for Thomas Edison. Lewis was considered an expert in electric lighting.

It was an invention that changed the history of computers.

It is not the greatest invention compared to other inventions impact on society and the world. A good example would be the printing press. Because of the printing press people learned how to read. This changed religion, government, and society.

How did Thomas.t Leckey invention inpact the society?

telegraph had successfully made mail sending easier and had lead to inventions like computers and phones

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