What impact did the invention of the camera influence the world of 2 dimensional art?

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The beginning of modern photojournalism took place in 1925, in Germany. The event was the invention of the first 35 mm camera, the Leica. It was designed as a way to use surplus movie film, then shot in the 35 mm format. Before this, a photo of professional quality required bulky equipment; after this photographers could go just about anywhere and take photos unobtrusively, without bulky lights or tripods. The difference was dramatic, for primarily posed photos, with people award of the photographer's presence, to new, natural photos of people as they really lived. Added to this was another invention originally from Germany, the photojournalism magazine. From the mid-1920s, Germany, at first, experimented with the combination of two old ideas. Old was the direct publication of photos; that was available after about 1890, and by the early 20th century, some publications, newspaper-style and magazine, were devoted primarily to illustrations. But the difference of photo magazines beginning in the 1920s was the collaboration--instead of isolated photos, laid out like in your photo album, editors and photographers begin to work together to produce an actual story told by pictures and words, or cutlines. In this concept, photographers would shoot many more photos than they needed, and transfer them to editors. Editors would examine contact sheets, that is, sheets with all the photos on them in miniature form (now done using Photoshop software), and choose those he or she best believed told the story. As important in the new photojournalism style was the layout and writing. Cutlines, or captions, helped tell the story along with the photos, guiding the reader through the illustrations, and photos were no longer published like a family album, or individually, just to illustrate a story. The written story was kept to a minimum, and the one, dominant, theme-setting photo would be published larger, while others would help reinforce this theme. The combination of photography and journalism, or photojournalism--a term coined by Frank Luther Mott, historian and dean of the University of Missouri School of Journalism--really became familiar after World War II (1939-1945). Germany's photo magazines established the concept, but Hitler's rise to power in 1933 led to suppression and persecution of most of the editors, who generally fled the country. Many came to the United States.
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How did World War 2 influence the world?

Answer . Germany was an occupied country, with half going to Russia and the other half to the West. Also put more momentum into forming the United Nations to keep a world war from happening again

What impact did the invention of the camera have on society?

From what I have learned it had a major impact on society of that time. If you had a photo taken of yourself, family, etc. it was a sign of wealth. This now enabled newspapers to use photography. An incredibly large impact was how photography was an entire new art form to emerge. the camera makes me ( Full Answer )

How has American pop culture influenced art throughout the world?

It appears that nearly anywhere in the world...from the 50's & 60's onward, people of other nations (anywhere) connected Coca-Cola, Cigarettes (the Marlboro Man), A good beer, a car, Rock 'n Roll, and the almighty dollar...to the United States.

How did World War 2 impact the world?

When WWII ended, the United Nations, North Atlantic Treaty Organization and the Warsaw Pact had been formed and communism had spread. Also, many places were in ruins.

How has ancient Roman art influenced the modern world?

Influential contributions to culture have a kind of immortality.The best place to observe this is in architecture. It is notuncommon for even starkly modern buildings to have stylised Romanarches and columns. Language, too, even while changing, keeps itslink with the past, so that the make up of a w ( Full Answer )

Who influenced World War 2?

It was the unfinished business of World War I, which had beenmistakenly called 'the war to end wars'. The influences were theusual suspects - those with self interest, self advancement andthose with supposed national interest at heart. The victims werethe hundreds of millions of soldiers and civilia ( Full Answer )

Impact of World War 2?

WWII ended the USA's isolationism and caused us to be more involved in the rest of the world, doing our best to stop the spread of communism. WWII also aided the USA's and the world's advancement in weapons and general technology (Ex- the atomic bomb). African American soldiers that fought in the wa ( Full Answer )

When was world war 1 cameras invented?

A variety of cameras wee used in the conflict! To the photographic battle shoots a good many specialized cameras wee adapted or evolv ed rather like the Jeep./ I can say faioly accuratley that the Speed Graphics(since l9l2) took the field, literally, and there wee various specialized spy and aerial ( Full Answer )

How did Pablo Picasso influence world war 1 art?

Picasso was against the war so he drew pictures that used keep color and used symbolic subjetcs.. During World War I (1914-1918), Picasso went to Rome, working as a designer with Sergey Diaghilev and the Ballets Russes. He met and married the dancer Olga Koklova. In a realist style, Picasso made se ( Full Answer )

How does art in general impact the world?

Quite a broad question... Art itself (representational art) often changes the way other areas of the art world (such as Film and photography) progress.. It gives the people of the world, or those who experience the piece, an idea of how the Artist views/hears the said subject. Artists becom ( Full Answer )

How did Michelangelo influence the art world and impact society?

During the Dark Ages, life revolved around Christianity (in Europe). It would be a considered a sin to produce art such as the art Michelangelo and his peers produced. Michelangelo's sculptures in particular showed human perfection. In Medieval Ages, this would be like a comparing yourself to God. I ( Full Answer )

How did pop art impact the world?

Pop art impacted the world heaps it made every thing better because it is really easy to draw advertisements but it also heaped a heap of artist become fames

Impact the art world?

There are many things in the art world that have had a greatimpact. These things include people and landscapes.

Has geometric art left on impact on the world today?

This is one persons opinion, an excerpt, and the site: One of the key "lessons" Hussey received from those artists concerned the value of geometric shapes that help in finding unexpected vantage points, leading viewers' attention into and around the pictorial space, and establishing links betwee ( Full Answer )

How the ancient world has influenced the art of the Philippines today?

Artistic paintings were existing in the Philippines even in the 16th century for religious propaganda. Later water color paintings, landscapes, battle scenes, etc. were introduced. Bamboo poles and bamboo sticks were traditional dances practiced even today. Weaving on looms, weaving baskets, etc. we ( Full Answer )

How has art influenced the world?

Art has influenced the foundation of buildings, sculptures, paintings, architectual work. Leonardo Da Vinci, Michaelangelo, and Shakespeare were some of our most famous influences. It is a medium for people to express themselves and for people to make the world a more beautiful place to be in.

Did the invention of the camera influence artists?

Yes, it certainly did. Some painters used a camera instead of sketching in front of a subject. Later on, around 1900, we find painters (and groups of painters) who held the view that painting should not try to achieve the same thing as photography, i.e. to copy reality. So there are all the -isms th ( Full Answer )

How does art influence the world?

Art influences the world because it involves everything - painting,sculpture, performance arts, music, fashion design - every facet ofour lives is art. It is a means of communication that crosses allbarriers.

How did the invention of photography impact the art world in general?

Photography was the perfect solution to art in the time of the enlightenment; scientific, reasonablewithout unnecessary flourishes. However the invention of photography changed the value of art - it could no longer be stated that art made after the invention of photography was only valuable as a sna ( Full Answer )

Would three suns make the world 2 dimensional?

No, it would just be physically effected by the gravity and radiation from three suns instead of just one but it would still have the same physical dimensions.

How did the invention of coca cola impact the world?

the coca cola beverage, whose unit sales totaled a mere 3,200 servings in 1886 that is (9 drinks per day) today called the worlds most popular soft drink in the world--accounting for billions of servings at restuarants in 195 countries.

What are the only two things in this world that are 2- Dimensional?

According to multiple theories, there are only two known things in this world that are two dimensional (and no, paper is not one of them). The two things are shadows and reflections.Think about it.In order for something to be 2-D, it cannot have any depth. Shadows and reflections have a length and a ( Full Answer )

What influence did Salvador Dali have on the art world?

He himself claimed his own contribution to art was: 'nothing, absolutely nothing' in a 1970's interview. He then said he was a bad painter and if he ever painted anything good, he would die the next week.

How was the World impacted from World War 2?

The world was impacted with the deaths of 50-72 million people. It saw several countries change government. The United Nations was also created. Economics were changed because the war drug the entire world out of the Great Depression. The war also changed the high level of pacifism that was p ( Full Answer )

How and why did the invention of the camera influence the popularity of impressionism and abstract art?

The invention of the camara influenced the popularity of impressionism and abstract art because when they invented the camera they did something very important by the trigger of that thing it did something else important.So the inventor of the camera became famouse.While his wife, Chelsea Angustina, ( Full Answer )

What was the impact of the World War 2?

WWII was unusual in that for the first time in modern history (perhaps 500 years?), civilians were killed in greater numbers than soldiers. This was despite WWII being the bloodiest 'soldiers' war in all history. It is estimated that about 30,000,000 soldiers died in the conflict from battle ( a f ( Full Answer )

What inventions were there in World War 2?

War leads to innovation, so the number of inventions that were made during World War 2 is extraordinary. Inventions from the Atomic Bomb to the Jet engine all originated from that time. Ill list a few from some of the major country's involved in WW2 USA: 1. The Atomic Bomb 2. Napalm 3. Ames Proc ( Full Answer )

How did the invention of paper impact the world?

Paper is made by cutting pieces of wood from trees and thinning it small and some other stuff done by machines to make it look more factory-made. well paper has quite a lot of uses so I'm sure it made a GREAT impact on the world. for instance: Japan could now create the essence of Origami. also the ( Full Answer )

How was art used in science before the invention of the camera?

Mostly for religious purposes. Also, many portraits were commissioned for the wealthy. The camera completely changed the meaning of art and perhaps spread it a bit too thin (reproduction and the loss of aura (walter benjamin)).

How did Thomas Edison's invention impact the world?

One way is that he invented the light bulb, and without it, we would be left with small flames/candles to light our paths. Also, he invented the phonograph, which allowed us to record sounds for the first time. Without that, the telegraph would not exist and we wouldn't be able to listen to "non-liv ( Full Answer )

How has the invention of the telephone impacted your world?

We use telephones every day. My family has a lind line(for those who need to call our family) and a business line( for business). we also each have cell hones that help us with our day-to-day life. Without phones, comunication would be nearly impossible to contact far away relatives or friends and i ( Full Answer )

Did they have CCTV cameras in World War 2?

No. During the 1940s CCTV was not invented. Soldiers would carry cameras with them to capture footage which is how you get all the footage in the history programs you see.