What impact does Astronomy have on your lives?

Astronomy / Physics / Science impacts All of our lives (including YOURS as well) each and every moment that we are alive, whether we are awake or asleep. Let's look at it from this aspect. Planet Earth is travelling through Space while moving in SIIX different directions at the same time. Then there is a matter called the "Arrow of Time" which simply says that, in our four dimensional Universe, Time ALWAYS moves in one direction, Forward. This was evident when Edwin Hubble first discovered in 1929 that, all of the galaxies were recessing away from one another. Lastly astronomy could IMPACT all life on our planet in a most DEVASTATING and CATASTROPHIC way in only 180 years, (to learn more on this just Google Asteroid 1950 DA.) Therefore astronomy is always affecting all of us, every moment of everyday. So, LIVE everyday as though it was your last day, and ONE DAY you'll be right. And remember, "KEEP LOOKING UP." :)