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short notes on : 1. cost of capital of a bond. 2. cost of capital of an equity share. 3. discounted pay backperiod. 4. modified internal rate of return. 5. mutual funds in India.

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How does corporate bond ratings work?

The leading rating agencies give a rating when a bond is first issued, and that rating determines how high the interest rate on that bond is. A higher rating means the bond will have a lower interest rate.

What does the bond credit rating assess?

Bond credit rating is used to assess the credit worthiness of a corporation or government's debt issues. A bond credit rating is similar to a credit rating that an individual person receives.

What is the grade bond rating level UNR?

It stands for unrated. That rating agency does not rate that bond.

What is a bond rating?

A bond issuer's probability of defaulting

Wikipedia what is Phillip Morris bond rating?


What does a bond rating measure?

The likelihood that the issuer will default on payment

What is a certificate of debt issued by a government or corporation guaranteeing payment of the original investment plus interest by a specified future date?

This is a bond. A bond is distinguished by 4 main factors. First, the interest rate of the bond. Secondly, the term of the bond. Thirdly, how the bond is repaid, whether it is all at once at maturation or if yearly installments of interest are paid (coupons). Lastly, the risk factor of the bond is used to sort bonds by credit rating companies from AAA rating (the highest) to junk bond rating.

Which bond would you expect to be more expensive a bond with AAA rating or a bond with a BBB rating?

If everything else is the same, the AAA would have a higher price (more expensive) while the BBB would most likely have a higher yield (higher return)

What is the definition of the term investment grade?

Investment grade is when a bond credit rating accesses the credit worthiness of a corporation's debt issues. A bond is considered investment grade if the credit rating is BBB- or higher.

What states allow bond for capital murder?


What is the age rating for James Bond Skyfall?

In the United States, the James Bond film Skyfall (2012) is rated PG-13.

What is the XYZ corporate bond rating?

I think you asking for help with credit ratings. Here is a guide

What are the ratings and certificates for Tough Bond - 2013?

Tough Bond - 2013 is rated/received certificates of: Canada:14A (film festival rating)

Why would you check the rating of a bond?

There are two complimentary reasons to check a bond's rating. If you're a risk-averse investor, checking a bond's rating indicates the bond's risk of default. These guys look for "investment grade" bonds. If you're an aggressive investor, risk equals reward: the worse a bond is, the more it pays.

Should I get involved in corporate bond investing?

Corporate bond investing is a great way to diversify your portfolio since you already have some Muni Bonds. Before you consider a corporate bond, you should check the credit rating on the bond first.

How are bond ratings measured?

Bond ratings are determined by bond rating agencies. The agency evaluates the company's current financial condition, their financial past, and the current market condition, and then makes a decision based on this.

What are types of financial instruments in capital markets?

The financial instruments in capital market are stock or share, bond, mortgage, and loan.

What is the moody rating for A- bond?

The Moody's symbol that is roughly equivalent to S&P's "A-" is "A3".

What are the release dates for Second City This Week - 2011 AAA Bail Bond Rating 1-29?

Second City This Week - 2011 AAA Bail Bond Rating 1-29 was released on: USA: 30 July 2011

Name an epoxy that will bond glass to glass?

Contact glue (impact glue)

What is the impact of interest rate movements on bond prices?

There is an inverse relationship between nterest rate and Bond Price. If bond price increases, the interest rate decreases and vice versa.

How is a bond recorded on the balance sheet?

Bond is issued to raise capital which is liability for business and shown under liability section of balance sheet.

A company that wanted to increase its capital through debt financing could trade in what markets?

bond market my fellow peeps

How do bond ratings influence which bonds investors buy?

In simple terms, the better the rating the safer the investment.

What is a covalent bond that electrons are share unequally?

H2o, thus dictated by each atom's electronegativity rating.