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What impact does a wildfire have on humans or the environment?

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Wildlife and humans share a very deep chemistry. Wildfires in the first place, cause a lot of damage i.e. they destroy the soil present there and make land infertile. A great deal of natural habitat is lost, ecosystems are lost. Things necessary for man, for its daily purposes are lost such as wood, timber etc. It indirectly also causes economic turmoil for the people dependent on those products for their livelihood.

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What impact does a wildfire have on humans?

wildfires do the samething as a regular fire

What impact could this wildfire have on humans?

burn properties and kill people

What was the California wildfire like on October 8?

what is the impact on humans in wildfires

What is the definition of human impact?

human impact is impact of humans on an enviornment

Does a volcano have an impact on the environment or humans?

A volcano has an impact on both the environment and humans. It has an impact on the environment because it would kill all of the plants and scorch the Earth. It would have an impact on humans because if a human civilization lived there, it would wipe out their whole city.

List three ways humans impact our environment today?

Three ways humans impact the environment are through water pollution, agriculture and coal mining. Pollution emissions is the main source of impacts on the environment by humans.

What impact does hurricanes have on humans and their environment?

They impact humans by flooding homes and can also kill people. It hurts the environment by ruining lands and can make trees fall

What impact do humans have on the ecosystem?

Humans have a bad impact on the environment.Humans would have had a great impact on the environment if we were living like cave men. If you think about it cave men did not cut down forests they did not pollute the air and many other horrible things we humans do.

What impact could wildfire have on humans and animals?

it could burn down houses or burn crops that people have worked on.

How do humans impact the lakes environment?

They pollute it with chemicals!

How do humans impact their environment?

impact ba yung pagnatamaan ka mamatay ka

How are humans impacting the environment?

OH ya we have the most impact

What impact can humans have on the Tasmanian devils environment?

by deleting the trees

Does a tornado have an impact on environment or humans?

A tornado has an impact on both the environment and humans. Though the impact on humans is more noticeable. Environmental impacts include the destruction of vegetation and animal habitats as well as the deaths of some animals. Similarly tornadoes can damage or destroy human property and kill or injure humans.

How could wildfires have an impact on humans?

A wildfire could kill, make someone loose everything, or it could seriously injur someone

How does physical environment impact on human?

Means humans change their life to live/survive in the environment.

What is human enviromental relationships?

How humans impact the environment through their actions.

What is a sentence with the word environment that is social studies related?

We are studying how humans affect the environment. Our environment has a great impact on life.

How do humans impact water cycle?

Humans adversely affects water cycle. They do deforestation and pollute the environment.

How can recycling be used to minimise the impact of human activities on the environment?

Recycling can greatly decrease the impact of human activities on the environment. This is because humans will not need to keep extracting these materials from the environment.

What impact could a wildfire have on animals?

it kills them.

Human impact on the environment is often more dramatic than the impact of most other living things because humans have a greater?

ability to alter the environment

What is the impact on the environment or people from a tornado?

Tornadoes can impact the environment by damaging tor destroying vegetation and animal habitats. They impact humans by damaging or destroying their property and killing or injuring the people themselves.

How do humans impact puffer fish?

We catch them and put them in aquariums and we pollute their environment.

Why do humans have a great impact on the environment?

humans have a great impaact on the envirnment because we produce water and other minarals