What impact does global warming have on the water cycle?

Global warming won't have a large impact on the total water cycle per se, only on local water cycles. Some places will become drier than usual, whereas others are expected to become wetter than usual. In general, the same amount of precipitation is expected, just that its distribution will be significantly altered.

Ground water levels tend to be dropping due to pumping for irrigation rather than lack of rain fall, though drought can be a contributing factor. However, glacial ice melt provides water for many areas around the world. The acceleration of ice melt is expected to result in short term flooding and long term drought.

  • water cycle is completely altered ground water level is going down
  • More evaporation
  • Less precipitation
  • the water cycle might stop if global warming continues

A part of the Global water cycle is Snow into Ice and Ice into Glaciers. Glaciers are disappearing.

Those who distrust this are like the passengers in Doctor David Suzuki's Car - Humankind racing to Collision with a brick wall; one said that they are just wondering how hard the bricks are - yet really we are just only fighting over which seats we will have.