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What impact has Islam had on history?

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The Islamic religion has had a immense impact on the ancient and modern world.

During the Crusades, Christian and Muslims clashed in battle for Jerusalem. Afterwards, people had a varied opinion on their radical beliefs and "Jihad" holy wars.

On September 11th, the bombing of the World Trade Center and Pentagon by Muslim extremists gave a negative impulse to the victims and to many people worldwide who witnessed the crisis.

However, a handful of ignorant, uneducated individuals should not cast a shadow of generalization upon Islam. Islam does not support or promote killing or violence.

Like Judaism and Christianity, the Islamic religion is monotheistic, or has a belief in one absolute God or divine deity. All three are correlated in the roots of God and praise Moses, Jesus and God as one. The Muslims acknowledge the Old and New Testaments of The Bible and include the last chapter, the Torah as the true revelation of God's plan for Humanity. So all in all, those who are part of one of these big three religions denounce or persecute those of another, but in the end they are all related in one big cosmic and realistic way.

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