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The Australian government felt obligated to help out these refugees, and there was general support from the public, so when the refugees got here, most policies changed and Australia became a multicultural society. As a result of Australians' involvement in the Vietnam War we found that we had an obligation to the people that were made homeless as a result. These people were of Asian descent, which was a major shock to the system. Before the Vietnam war the only people you saw of Asian descent were the Chinese restaurant owners and small farmers. This was because Australia's official policy excluded Asians and people with designated colour "character" from Australia as they were considered undesirable to the wellbeing of Australia as a nation. A big impact was that it spelt the final death knell of the white Australia policy and put an end to our isolation in the area. We also enjoy a far more varied diet as a result, not to mention that you can now get fresh bread 7 days a week, even from the Australian bakers.

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Q: What impact has the Vietnam War had on Australian culture?
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