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What in coke makes an nail dissolve?


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The acids in coke is the STUFF that makes the nail dissolve.


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If you dipped your nail in a can of fresh coke for like 80 years maybe it can dissolve... a bit...

It is often stated that coke has enough acid to quickly dissolve a galvanized nail but in my science class I had a nail in coke for a complete school year and it had no effect other than to make it shiny.

It wont completely dissolve it but it will change the texture of the nail.

yes, it is just as strong as coke

Iron nails cannot dissolve in Coke or Pepsi, or dissociation of the ions so negligible that it will not matter either way.

Provided you had enough time and a large supply of fresh coke, yes, sooner or later.

Keratin is quite impervious to coca cola.

The cause is the temporary absorption of caramel dissolved in coke on the nail surface.

Coke does not dissolve nails.I performed an experiment in duplicate with both galvanized and regular nails in coke, lemon juice, orange juice, and vinegar. I accurately weighed the nail before and after. In 4 days, the nails in the coke dissolved the least.% loss in regular nailCoke: 0.10%Lemon Juice: 0.37%Vinegar: 0.61%OJ: 0.10%% loss in galvanized nailCoke: 0.86%Lemon Juice: 8.76%Vinegar: 7.09%OJ: 5.89%

No it does not dissolve in coke

coke can not dissolve meat. The meat literaly dissolves the coke

Coke will NOT dissolve a penny, it's not strong enough. Nor will it dissolve a nail. Many urban legends say that coke will do many things but technically, it's pH level isn't acidic enough enough for it to dissolve anything more than the corrosion on a battery terminal and it doesn't do that very well either.

Yeahh , I'm experimenting this for a science fair project. It will take a good 2 weeks.

think about it for a few minutes ;) im sure you'll figure it out

I think this is an urban legend - a twist on the coke will dissolve a nail/tooth because it contains a very small amount of both citric acid and phosphoric acid. Pop contains such a small amount, it won't corrode a nail. Sounds like the email that passed by my desk that was word for word the same as the coke story, except it had the word Dr Pepper inserted wherever Coke should have been. Check out this great link. The writer did an experiment to see if the story was true. He documents the steps he took and the results:

no coke can dissolve a hotdog because the acid in the coke eats the hotdog away.

Phosphoric acid, carbonic acid, and citric acid.

NO! Coke can not dissolve raw meat in five days.

Just the water alone would do it, but there's also phosphoric acid in Coke which makes it dissolve the coating faster.

Coke will not melt a penny or a nail; that process would involve heat. Instead, the acid from the soda may oxidize some of the metal atoms in the penny and the nail, causing them to become ions and soluble. The some of the metal will dissolve, causing the penny or nail to become pitted and tarnished. However, these objects will not melt.

Coke or Pepsi has been used to remove rust from objects including nails. There was a myth that coke will dissolve nails but this has been proven false.

Mentos do dissolve but they realease Co2 which creates pressure in excess with the Co2 in diet coke (the thing that makes the bubbly feeling in your mouth is Co2) Which is why the stuff overflows and explodes.

the nail will get shiny the coke will get rid of all rust on iron. We use coke to clean the rust of our bicycles

yes jolly ranchers do dissolve in Coke all u need is a 2 liter of coke any jolly rancher flavor and potions and it will dissolve

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