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Q: What independent country in micronesia controlled by American?
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Who controlled Mozambique?

Portugal controlled Mozambique, but it is now an independent country.

Is the Bahamas controlled by Mexico?

No. It is an independent country.

What makes a country independent?

A nation is independent when it is not owned or controlled by another nation.

Which country controlled Singapore?

Singapore is an independent country. Therefore, we are not controlled by anyone. However, we did used to be controlled by the British but that was very long ago.

What does countries being independent mean?

That they are not controlled by another country

Is Jordan controlled by other nations?

Jordan is an independent country.

What are the characteristics of an independent country?

explain four characteristics of an independent country

What are the characteristic of independent?

An independent country is a country that has its own form of government and isnÃ?t controlled by a different country or place. An example of this type of country is the United States.

What European country controls Mauritius?

Mauritius is an independent country and so it is not controlled by any other country.

Is Haiti contolled by Cuba?

No. Haiti is not controlled by Cuba. It is an independent country.

Where is Micronessia?

The broad area of the Pacific Ocean known as Micronesia is generally north of the equator and west of the International Date Line. There is also an independent country called the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) in this area.

What term means that a country is controlled by a more powerful country.?

The term satellite state means a country that is controlled by a more powerful country. A satellite state means that the country was once independent by is now heavily controlled by the politics, economy, and military capabilities of Another Country.