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What industries depend on the nile?

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farms depend on the Nile for the rich soils and fertility it brings when it floods !

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What industries use the Nile River?

Al Hamad Water Industries

What River did the Egyptians depend on?

The Nile -

Why did egyptians depend on the Nile River?

The Ancient Egyptians can depend on the annual flooding of the Nile to make the soil for farming fertile.

Why do eyptations cCELEBRATE l the nile flooding?

They depend on it for water. It doesn't rain much in Egypt. they depend on the nile for food and water.

What is marine based industries?

Marine based industries are industries which depend on raw materials from the sea or ocean

What did the Egyptians depend upon for life?

the nile

What countries depend on the Nile for water?


How do Egyptians depend on their environment?

They depend on the Nile river to deliver their fertile soil for farming.

Which river did the early eygpitans depend on?

The river Nile

What African countries depend on the Nile for resources?


Which of Norways industries depend on the sea?

Oil and fish

What is market-oriented industries?

the industries depend on the market for selection of location ex. car industies

What is interdependence of industries?

The interdependence of industry refers to the condition whereby more than two industries depend on each other for certain raw materials. For instance, food processing industries will depend on sugar that is milled by the sugar factories.

How do people in Egypt depend on their environment?

on the Nile river to fertilize soil

How many people live by the nile River?

Today almost 160 million people in Africa are depend on the Nile River for life.

How is the Nile important in modern Egypt?

Any water source is essential for any country. The Nile is used for agriculture and other industries, domestic use and transportation.

What are 10 industries that depend on computer networking?

malai thaha chaina

What river does Egypt depend on for life?

The river Nile, the only river they have got.

What are the definition of agro based industries?

Agro-based industries are those industries which depend on agricultural products as raw materials. An example is cotton textile industries that use cotton as a raw material and then process it to make dresses.

What are three industries that depend on the west's natural resources?

Oil, farming, and coal

Did the Rhode Island colony depend on fishing and shipbuilding?

Yes, they were early industries.

What Industries Are In The Pyrenees?

The types of industries in the Pyrenees depend on which of the three sectors of the area people live in. These industries are agriculture in the primary sector, food production in the secondary sector, and telecommunications in the tertiary sector.

How many African countries depend on water and hydro-electricity from the Nile?


What was life for Egypt living along the Nile?

it is thier economic resources in which they depend upon.

What did the Egyptians depend on for their survival?

Ancient Egyptians depended on the Nile flooding which irrigated their crops.