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What infections can a guppy get?

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Hey there, Guppies can get a few nasties. Theres finrot, white spot, velvet disease, fungal infections and basically stuff like that. The most common is whitespot and finrot but its really nothing to worry about coz u can always treat it if it happens to come up. But ud want to get a hold of it early or otherwise u could risk losing a fish mate. They best way to avoid these nasties is to always have the right water conditions and do regular water changes. And also chose wisely when it comes to picking new fish. Always go for the healthy looking ones with no flaws. If there arnt and that dont have a mark, walk out and go somewhere else coz they obviously dont look after their fish. I hope that helps. If u got any more questions message me on cheers!

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Is a guppy a reptile?

No, a guppy isn't a reptile. A guppy is a fish.

What is the difference between guppy fry and guppy fish?

Guppy fry are the newborn babies and guppy fish are not babies

What is the adult of a baby guppy?

A baby guppy simply grows up to be a regular guppy.

What is the plural word for guppy?

The plural for guppy is guppies. ( more than 1 guppy )

What is the plural of guppy?

The plural of guppy is guppies.

What is an example sentence with the word guppy?

He had a guppy in his fish bowl.Another name for guppy is rainbow fish.The kitten put her paw in the fish bowl to catch the guppy.

What Did RJL Guppy Invent?

Robert John Lechmere Guppy did not invent anything. He is most known for having discovered the guppy fish. The guppy fish is named after him.

What is the origin of the word guppy?

They word and fish "guppy" is named after Robert John Lechmere Guppy, who discovered it.

How do you get guppy pregnant?

If there is a female guppy and a male guppy in a tank you can almost guarantee the female will be gravid ( pregnant ).

What does a turquoise guppy look like?

a guppy that is turquoise.

Is guppy plural?

No, Guppy is singular. Guppies is plural.

Plural form of guppy?

The plural form of guppy is guppies

Where did the guppy get its name?

From Trinidadian ichthyologist RJ Lechmere Guppy

What are the benefits if a fancy guppy mates with a feeder guppy?

No benefits.

Will mollies eat guppy?

Usually No, If the Guppy is small then yes.

When was Darius Guppy born?

Darius Guppy was born in 1964.

How do you spell guppy?

That is the correct spelling of "guppy" (the small fish).

When was Guppy Troup born?

Guppy Troup was born in 1950.

When was Kevin Guppy born?

Kevin Guppy was born in 1985.

When did Sarah Guppy die?

Sarah Guppy died in 1852.

When was Sarah Guppy born?

Sarah Guppy was born in 1770.

When was Neil Guppy born?

Neil Guppy was born in 1949.

What kind of animal is Guppy?

A "guppy" is a type of freshwater fish.

Does catfish eat guppy?

it depends how big the catfish is and how big the guppy is. if the guppy is smaller than the catfishes MOUTH then it is sure to eat it.

Who is the ex Celtic player who has won a medal at the old wembley and the new wembley?

Steve Guppy Steve Guppy