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What influenced John Steinbeck's writing?

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John Steinbeck was a great "people watcher" and was fascinating with people of all walks of life. He experienced a great deal in his lifetime and he wrote about it. At first he was not a successful writer and even left writing for a period of time, but got back into writing. One of his best loved works of writing is "The Grapes of Wrath."

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What is john Steinbecks writing style?

It is a earthy style

What were some events that impacted John Steinbecks writing?

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What famous place appered in John Steinbecks writing?

The famous place that appeared in his weiting is Salinas, California .

What did Steinbecks writing explore?

John Steinbeck is a popular American author. His writing explored many themes. One of his main themes was an exploration of the human condition.

What was John Steinbecks' style writing?

He often experiments with different styles of writing, like a play in novel format. He's used fabular, picaresque, and documentary.

What is the main purpose of the pearl by John Steinbeck?

john steinbecks ressons for writing this book is on one of his journeys he was aqquainted with people just like them and decide to base a novella on them.

Who was John steinbecks father?

His father was John Steinbeck Sr.

What is John Steinbecks surname?

John Steinbeck's surname is Steinbeck.

How was Jefferson writing influenced by john Lockes writing?

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What was John Steinbecks purpose for writing travels with charley?

john Steinbeck realized that he did not know much about America. Steinbeck thought of this as criminal because he didn't know the country he was writing about. this is why he takes his trip to discover 'new America'

What was John Steinbecks hometown?

salinas, ca

Were John Steinbecks parents German immigrants?


Where was John Steinbecks hometown?

California Valley

What did John Steinbecks mom do for living?

She was a schoolteacher

When was John Steinbecks The Pearl written?

in 1947

Who were John Steinbecks influences?

John Steinbeck was influenced by a scientist rather than a writer. He listed Charles Darwin as his greatest influence. Steinbeck found his niche writing about the various working classes whose fates took them west to California. He won both the Pulitzer as well as the Nobel Prize for his literature.

What was John Steinbecks first job?

labotary assistant

Who was John Steinbecks second wife?

Gwen Conger

Who was John Steinbecks first wife?

Carol Henning.

How does john steinbecks the chrysanthemums begin?

With a description of the setting

What was John steinbeck's major in school?

John steinbecks mayjor in school was journelisem!

Who was John Steinbeck's dog?

John Steinbecks dog was a poodle called Charley

Who or what influenced our founding fathers when writing the Constitution?

The Founding Fathers were influenced by John Locke and other Enlightenment thinkers.

What is a good quote from John Steinbecks the pearl for greed?


What was John Steinbecks second novel?

To A God Unknown (1933)