Ludwig van Beethoven

What influenced Ludwig van Beethoven?


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Beethoven was always an angry being, (as portrayed in his NO 5) so much of his music was influenced by emotion. it is said that he fell in love so it could possibly be that love helped him paint on his canvas of silence. it must have been that he was influenced at many different moments because when he had an idea if he could not reach out a get a paper then it would be that he would take a pencil or his fingernail and carve out what he was thinking on the walls, on his piano, on the floor, on dressers, etc. but right now what we know is Beethoven was influenced by mostly his emotional childhood and love. and also-now that i think about it-he was mostly angry because of his loss of hearing (but that's a completely different subject) i bet if you go on Wikipedia then and search for Beethoven it should give you something close to an answer.