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What influenced the birth of the blues?

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blues was influenced by early African-American workers sings in chants/shouts, work songs, field hollers and small ballads.

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What styles of Jazz were influenced by the Blues?

You have to understand that blues not only influenced jazz but every form of pop music. All jazz is influenced by the blues.

Which two continents influenced the blues?

Africa And America influenced the blues so much that everywhere around the world listens to the blues music

What music was influenced by rock?

I would say the blues has influenced rock a lot if you look at people like Eric Clapton and Jimi Hendrix.... They were influenced by the blues

When was The Birth of the Blues created?

The Birth of the Blues was created in 1926.

How has the blues influenced other music types?

Yes, it has influenced Rock and Jazz

What music was influenced rock and roll?


What type of music has the blues influenced?


How has blues music influenced other genres?

Blues influenced nearly every genre that came after it including rock 'n' roll and surf rock.

What is a bluester?

A bluester is a musician who plays the blues or any form of music influenced by the blues.

Which two countries influenced the Blues?

America & Africa :)

What genres of music were influenced by the blues?

rock usually

What rock bands were influenced by the blues?

The Rolling Stones

What other kind of music influenced on the blues?

African. Blues originated from the songs of African slaves in america.

What music influenced rock and roll?

Most notably the blues.

What 3 types of modern music are influenced by blues?


What cultures has blues music influenced?

britain's got talent

What musical influences did Elvis Presley have?

he was influenced by Gospel and the Blues

Who invented the blues?

The Blues music was first popularised by W.C. Handy, a black composer around 1911-1914. Blues was strongly influenced by Africans.

Were Blues music directly influenced by ragtime and jazz?

Blues, jazz and ragtime developed simultaneously in the Southern United States.

What musical genres influenced the beginnings of rock n roll?


What musical styles influenced the creation of rap music?

Blues and Rock.

What or who was considered to be blues based and psychedelic influenced?

The Jimi Hendrix Experience

How did the blues develop?

The blues started in fields during cotton plantations and people sang while they worked and they music would spread. The Blues influenced jazz music.

Who influenced john paul Jones?

if you're talking about the bass player of Led Zeppelin, he was was influenced by American blues musicians

What styles influenced reggae?

early reggae definitely influenced by rhythm and blues as well as rasta an burro jamaican drumming