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Start by going to Google and looking up "Claire Lee Chennault" and "Flying Tigers". This will give you a lot of sites with plenty of information.

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How many American soldiers are volunteers in the Iraq war?

All of them - we have a volunteer military nobody was drafted everyone volunteered.

How did Gaius Marius change the military?

Gaius Marius changed the military by enrolling volunteers in the army, most of the volunteers were unemployed, poor men.

What is true of the US military today?

The military is made of all volunteers.

Does American Military University provide relevant and affordable education to members of the military?

American Military Univeristy is part of the American Public University system. You can contact the American Military University admissions office for more information.

What is a statement that is true of the US military today?

The military is under appreciated. The military is made of all volunteers. The military is underpaid.

What kind of discounts are available to the American military?

The American military get excellent discounts and subsidies on their clothing and food when they are in service. They also get discounts on flights on American Airlines and on purchasing vehicles.

How do you find out if there is such a person serving in the army?

No resources are available from the military to find out this information.

How were men enlisted into the military during ww11?

There were volunteers and draftees.

Did the north receive most of its troops from the draft or as volunteers?

In the early part of the American Civil War, both the north and the south had many volunteers. As the war wore on, and casualties mounted, the volunteers dwindled. Both sides used the draft to fill their military ranks. The draft, or threat of a draft, caused many to volunteer before they were drafted.

Is there free efile for the military?

Yes. Free e-filing is available to members of the military 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. You can find more information available on the IRS website.

Where can I go online to find information about military scholarships?

There are numerous military scholarships available. You must enroll in one of the branches of the armed forces to be eligible. Ask your recruiting officer for scholarship information.

Can a Brit join the American Military?

Yes. Contact a local recruiter for more information.

What American general sold military information to the British during the war?

Benedict Arnold

How did the conflict affect American soldiers?

They had a personal interest in the Vietnam war...they had to fight it (albeit against their will since they, for the most part, were conscripted by the military/or were draft induced volunteers to fight the war).

What happened at Sand Creek in eastern Colorado in 1864?

A band of friendly Cheyenne men, women and children, who were under government protection, were massacred by an American military officer and 700 volunteers.

How did the Nazi party recruit their soldiers?

Partly from volunteers but mainly by conscription (compulsory military service).

What did countries have to do when men stopped joining the army?

Many countries have resorted to military conscription when there is an insufficiency of volunteers.

Do you capitalize military in American military?

No, but you should capitalize American. If the specific branch of the military is named, it should be capitalized.

How many members of the US Army during World War 2 were volunteers?

I'd say a good 95% were volunteers or draftees, since at the begining of the war there was only about 184750 active military personal.

What has the author Gary Brown written?

Gary Brown has written: 'Volunteers in the Texas Revolution' -- subject(s): History, History, Military, Mercenary troops, Military History

What is the duration of Safeguarding Military Information?

The duration of Safeguarding Military Information is 540.0 seconds.

You have an American military ID number how do you find information on the person associated with it?

Contact the Veterans Administration in Washington DC. They will be able to provide information if the individual is no longer living.

What are the international air routes for military deployment to Afghanistan?

Information of that nature is not going to be made publicly available, nor should it be. Releasing or disseminating such information is a gross violation of Operational Security.

Statistics for the Vietnam war?

See: Statistics About the Vietnam War Note* When you see the data on the "volunteers" for the US military, remember...those were DRAFT "Induced" volunteers. Another words, they would NOT have volunteered, if there had been no draft.

When was American Society of Military Comptrollers created?

American Society of Military Comptrollers was created in 1948.