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vinegar and water
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What is the best whitening soap?

The best and tested whitening soap is the Zierrebone whitening soap.It's really very effective for it has moisturizers and whitening properties that leave your skin supple,smooth,and radiantly beautiful.But beware of immitations.

Whats the best whitening toothpaste?

bread gets moldy when it has been sitting for a long time. the best whitenig toothpaste is colgate by:kadejhai. synsodine plus extra whitening is really good. it also helps with sensitivity.

Best teeth whitening system?

There a lot! but based on experience i choose to have Laser TeethWhitening System. Here the most common techniques . Laser tooth whitening . Whitening toothpastes . Whitening gels and strips . Tray-based tooth whitening techniques

Can you brush your teeth after using whitening strips?

Of course you can brush after using whitening strips! Most use the same bleaching compounds as "whitening" toothpastes. Interestingly, you get more bang for your buck if you brush beforehand. It makes sense, scrubbing off any excess substances that would absorb whiteners, as well as creating a mo ( Full Answer )

Do teeth whitening strips work?

YES! i highly recommend CREST WHITESTRIPS PREMIUM PLUS. I payed 27 dollars for them, and now i have a beautiful WHITE smile.. Also, if you are not satisfied with the results, you have 60 days to send the receipt to the company, and they'll give your money back guarenteed. It is definantly worth it! ( Full Answer )

What are the instructions for crest whitening strips?

There are two strips: one for top, one for bottom. You are just supposed to put them on (with the jelly side ON your teeth) and keep them on for...I think about fifteen minutes. Then, you just take them off and rinse your teeth with cold water.

What is the best way to whiten your teeth?

Available in the market are the professional DIY teeth bleaching kits which you can purchase and take home. This are products are reliable but a bit more costly. Just ensure that it's dentist-approved. Another is, to ask your dentist about teeth bleaching . There are actually a lot of of dentists wh ( Full Answer )

What is the best whitening product?

Answer . There are two existing whitening products for the teeth: carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide. Both work very well, depending the concentration.. These products come in different forms. The best whitening method is done in a dental office. But some good products (example: crest's whit ( Full Answer )

Can you eat with equate dental whitening strips?

No, the strips themselves are much too thick to be able to consume anything. Even drinking is difficult with them on. Crest Whitening Strips© are thinner material however, but it's recommended that you do not eat while the strips are on.

Best tooth whitening?

Tooth whitening is best done at the dentist office since most OTC products will take away the enamel of your teeth. Tooth whitening procedures available: http://www.intelligentdental.com/2009/07/28/teeth-whitening-%E2%80%93-one-way-to-a-dazzling-smile/

Do whitening strips work?

Whitening strips do work but quality can be a problem. Not all products are created the same. Here is a review of how one lady was able to use a combination of teeth whitening products to get the results she was looking for: http://whiteteethwhitening.net

What are the Best whitening strips?

Anything from your dentist is certainly going to be a lot better than a supermarket product. I'd recommend speaking to your dentist and seeing what they recommend and can set you up with.

Do Rembrandt whitening strips work on caps?

No. Tooth whitening products do not work on caps, crowns or bridges. This is because tooth enamel is porous, whereas porcelain caps are not.

What is the best skin whitening supplement?

The very best skin whitening supplments i have ever tried is Godden Goddess you can purchase them. I am black American dark skinned girl and I got astonishing results when taking these pills. My skin got 3 shades light honestly in just 6 weeks. My legs, butt, and back was really darker than the rest ( Full Answer )

What are the best teeth whitening products?

It really all depends upon your budget and how sensitive your teethare. Take a look at this resource. It includes step-by-step how tovideos. Common Teeth Whitening Procedures . Laser tooth whitening . Whitening toothpastes . Whitening gels and strips . Tray-based tooth whitening techniques ( Full Answer )

What do you do after you take the whitening strips off?

After you remove the teeth whitening strips there will be excess residue on your teeth left over form the gel from the whitening strips. As the whitening gel gets to work it foams up (which is the oxidation process that whitens your teeth) so it will spread out across your teeth. The best thing to ( Full Answer )

What is the best age for teeth whitening?

\nZOOM whitening from your dentist requires you to be at least 18. People under the age of 18 should use the trays and over-the-counter products as directed.

What is best teeth whitening products?

The best way is to go to the dentist, but most of us can't afford it. So this is what I did. First I tried Crest Whitening Strips Cost - spent $80 total.. didn't really work well and way an annoying process... Then I researched the internet and found that the home remedy methods you hear of ( Full Answer )

Are teeth whitening strips good for you?

Yes, but they may be difficult at times to work. Discuss this matter with your dentist. Yes, strips are applied to the front surfaces of the upper and lower teeth two times a day for a two-week period of time for optimal results.But Regardless of the tooth whitening method you employ, dentists ad ( Full Answer )

Who manufactures crest whitening strips?

They are manufactured by Proctor & Gamble. There are also other brands of whitening strips available such as Rembrandt, WhiteWash, and Listerine.

How do teeth whitening strips work?

Yes they do, although your money would be better spent elsewhere such as on a teeth whitening gel. They are a lot more effective, seeing results a lot quicker. However there are also at home remedies that you can pursue that probably won't requiring you to purchase anything. Check out the two links ( Full Answer )

Why do teeth whitening strips hurt?

The reason you feel hurt when you use teeth whitening strips maybebecause you have sensitive teeth. In other words, the chemicaloveract in your gum and that's the reason why you feel hurt!

Are teeth whitening strips safe?

Most teeth whitening strips are safe if they can sell in the market as they need to pass certain test in order to sell it out! It is always good to go for the one that recommend by the dentist as it must be safe for sure!

Do crest whitening strips work on kids?

they would work on any teeth. but it could harm their sensitive gums or they could swollow the solution on the strip... not a good idea....

What is the best product for whitening teeth?

There are a lot to choose from: . Laser tooth whitening . Whitening toothpastes . Whitening gels and strips . Tray-based tooth whitening techniques But remember you need to be aware that teeth whitening proceduresdo not work well on certain individuals, and trained andexperienced dentists wil ( Full Answer )

Why did crest 3D whitening strips turn your gums white?

The peroxide is a chemical which bleaches the teeth as well as gums if it comes in contact with them. You are not supposed to put the strips on your gums, but it will go away within a day.

Can teens put whitening strips on?

Anyone can use it, as long as they have their adult teeth grown out. However, using whitening strips can cause sensitivity to the teeth, and sometimes to the gums as well. It can also create gum irritation. As long as you're aware and fine with some of the side effects that might occur, you should b ( Full Answer )

Will swallowing whitening strips hurt you?

Simple answer is No. Might upset your stomach a little if you have an empty stomach, but there is nothing in the composition that could harm you. I wouldn't eat them for fun though.

Are crest whitening strips the best on the market?

"Crest whitening strips are recommended by the ADA or the american dental association so yes, I would recommend using them, as well. I think Crest is a good brand too."

What is a brand that offers teeth whitening strips?

"Equate offers teeth whitening strips, they are a little bit lower priced than a name brand will be. They are the exact same, even ingredient wise, but less expensive when compared to brands such as Crest."

Can you eat after using whitening strips?

Yes, just avoid anything that is known for "staining" teeth(coffee, cranberries, juices, soda, etc.) for 1-2 hours because thepores on your teeth are more open right after whitening.

What is the best method for whitening teeth?

The best method for whitening teeth is to brush them twice a day as well as floss. If you need extra help you can also purchase whitening strips from your local drug store.

Are teeth whitening strips safe to use?

Teeth whitening strips are not completely without risk. Some teeth whitening strips sold over-the-counter have low pH levels which may damage one's teeth. The best place to whiten one's teeth is at a dentist.

What active ingredients are used in the best teeth whiteners?

The level of active ingredients used in the best teeth whiteners, such as peroxide, vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. A higher concentration does not necessarily signify a better outcome. Your dentist will be best placed to advise you on this but further information can be found at RealSelf an ( Full Answer )

What is the best teeth whitener by studies?

Regular brushing, flossing and using mouth wash has proven to be effecting in whitening teeth. Brands such as Colgate are very effective for this job.

What teeth whitening system is the best?

The teeth whitening system that will be the fastest, though the most expensive, is the method your dentist uses. Of the home whitening kits, the Aquafresh White Trays has received good reviews.

What are the ingredients in the Crest Whitening Strips?

Crest Whitening Strips are used as a popular alternative for whitening teeth. The ingredients include: Water, Glycerine, Hydrogen Peroxide, Carbon 956, Sodium Hydroxide and Sodium Saccharine.

What is the best toothbrush to whiten teeth?

The best toothbrush to whiten tooth is a medium one. Toothbrushes have a size written on the packet and a medium one is firm but not too firm and can get food particles out easily.

What is the best teeth whitener strips on the market?

There are several highly rated teeth whitener strips available in the marketplace. Some of the highest rated teeth whitening strips include Crest 3D Whitestrips and Colgate Visible White strips.

What does a power strip do?

A power strip is just a place to provide electrical power for a number of devices. While an electrician can create a permanently installed power strip, the most popular types of power strips are those that plug into outlets. Typical uses for power strips include powering computers and entertainment ( Full Answer )