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things and such ;D

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Q: What ingredients are in the famous french seafood platter?
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What is the best french food?

Snails,Frog legs,Traditional Seafood Platter,Roast Turkey,Eggs,Roast Potatoes,Fish

Other than seafood what is a famous French food?

Frogs legs are eaten all over France.

How do you say cold platter in french?

plat froid

What is french for cheese platter?

plateau de fromages

What is bouillabausse?

A french seafood stew.

What is the french term for vegetable platter?

une assiette de crudités

What are the French words for fish platter?

un plat de poisson.

Did the french explorers eat seafood?


What is seafood base?

seafood base is shrimp crab legs and fish mixed together with french fries.

What is french for see food platter?

plateau de fruits de mer

How do you spell seafood in French?

'Fruits de mer'

What does fruits de mer mean in french?


How do you say seafood in french?

fruit(s) de mer

Where can you find ingredients for french desserts?

What ingredients exactly do you need?

How do you say 'ingredients' in french?

Les ingrédients

What is the french word for a seafood shop?

There's no special word for seafood shop, just poissonnerie, a shop where fishes from fresh water and sea are sold, you can also find seafood in this kind of shop

Which french region on the English channel is known for its seafood?

Le Bretagne

What are some side dishes that compliment seafood?

It depends on your taste. Fried seafood is best with cole slaw, hushpuppies, french fries or baked potato. Baked or broiled seafood sides can be anything you like.

What seafood can be caught in France?

France has a coast on the Atlantic and the Mediterranean therfore the species that can be count in these seas/oceans are the seafood that can be caught in French territorial waters.

What is the french word for ingredients?


What do people in French Guiana eat?

rice and beans also mixed seafood

How do you say seafood restaurant in french?

restaurant de fruits de mer

What seafood do french people mostly eat?

Which type of seafood eaten is very seasonal in France. That being said, Salmon, Bass Mussels and Oysters are favorites.

Where did the word platter originate from?

From Greek, possibly, via Latin and French, with similar meaning and origin to the word plate.

How do you say seafood dish in french?

un plateau de fruits de mer