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Moths do not eat any insects! they eat silk only!

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Do frogs eat moths?

frogs eat insects, such as moths

Do blue belly lizard eat moths?

yes because moths are insects

What type of insects turtles eat?

Turtles eat moths, flies, grasshoppers, and other insects

What do camelions eat?

they eat insects and mosquitoes they also eat moths, mealworms, waxworms, crickets and any other moths, or worms

What insects eat clothing?

Moths are known to eat certain types of fabric.

What do peacock moths eat?

Mostly cloths and smaller insects.

Do sand frogs eat moths?

Sand frogs will eat a variety of insects. They will eat mainly worms, but will eat moths on occasion. They may also eat other frogs.

Are Moths invertebrates or a vertebrates?

Moths are insects, all insects are invertebrates: moths are invertebrates.

What do redwood moths eat?

Redwood moths eat small insects and sometimes nectar or juices from plants. This moth has a lifespan of about two months.

Why do bats eat moths?

Many bats feed on night-flying insects, as moths would fit in that category.

What do pipistrelle bats eat?

Pipistrelle bats eat small insects such as gnats, flies and moths, as well as aquatic insects. They may eat up to 3000 insects in a single night.

Are moths invertebrates?

Moths are insects. All insects are classified as invertebrates.

What insects eat lichen?

There are only a few types of insects that feed on lichens, which include moths and beetles. Reindeer and caribou also eat them.

Does a butterfly eat a dragonfly?

No, although dragonflies sometimes eat butterflies as well as various other insects including moths and aquatic insects.

What insects do Fiery-necked nightjar's eat?

They feed primarily on Moths and other large flying insects.

What does the white tree frog eat?

Diet in the Wild They eat mainly insects such as moths, locusts, and roaches.

Are cecropia moths vertebrates?

No, moths are insects.

What do anoles lizards eat?

Meal Worms, Insects, Spiders, Crickets, Cockroaches, and Moths

What kind of insect do iguana eat?

crickets, moths, beetles, spiders, most insects...

How many moths in the year have 28 days on them?

Moths are insects and insects do not have days on them. So there!

What do frogs like to eat?

Frogs like to eat meat. If the frogs are of small or average, they eat flies, moths and other small insects. But if the frogs are large, they eat bigger insects such as worms and grasshoppers.

What does the Mexican free tailed bat eat?

Mexican Free-Tailed Bats eat insects, such as mosquitoes, flies, beetles, and moths. They help farmers by eating cotton bollworm moths.

What does a Hooded Warbler eat?

Hooded warblers are insectivores, meaning they eat insects. This includes, but is not limited to, arthropods such as flies, ants, wasps, moths, moths' larvae, caddisflies, spiders, and beetles.

Textile eating insects?

Moths will lay eggs in clothes, and the larvae will later eat the fabric.

What do birds eat beside worms?

Seeds,Nuts, insects such as bettles or moths and even Bees!

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