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Who was the founder of Motown

The black soul anthem Say It Loud you are Black and you are Proud was written by which of the following artists

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What combination of instruments was used in early blues music

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Q: What inspired Connie Talbot to sing and play the guitar and piano?
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Can Connie play any instrument?

As well as using her beautiful voice Connie is now learning the guitar and piano. Some of her fans have been treated to her rendition of the "climb" while accompanying herself on the guitar. Want to follow her? Links are provided below. She is also now on Twitter at ConnieTalbot607. As of late 2015 Connie is proficient enough on guitar and piano to accompany herself whilst singing in front of live audiences.

What instruments are in you smile by Justin Bieber?

Piano, guitar,drums.

What was created first guitar or piano?


Justin Bieber loves guitar or piano?

Uhm...i think guitar...he plays guitar often more than piano :)

What interments does Taylor Swift play?

She plays the guitar, violin, and piano.

Vanessa Hudgens play any instrument?

When shrews younger she had piano lessons but she is trying to learn hoe to play the guitar.

What instrument has more chords piano or guitar?

Piano, because it can go higher and lower than a guitar.

What instrument was Amy Beach known for?

Guitar & drums.

What instruments do the members of Arcade Fire play?

Each member plays multiple instruments. Regine Chassagne plays piano, organ, drums, accordion, and hurdy gurdy. Win Butler plays guitar, bass guitar, and piano. Richard Reed Parry plays guitar, piano, accordion, and drums. Tim Kingsbury plays guitar, bass guitar, and piano. Will Butler plays piano, guitar, bass guitar, synth, and percussions. Jeremy Gara plays drums, guitar, and piano. And Sarah Neufeld plays violin, viola, and piano. They're all very talented people :)

Which Jonas brothers does what?

I hope you mean what instrument they play.. Nick - Guitar, Drums, Piano, Bass, and Singing Joe - Guitar, Singing, Piano Kevin - Guitar, Singing, Piano HOPE IT HELPS YOU!!

How many instruments does Justin bieber play?

Justin can play four instruments, they are piano, guitar, trumpet and drums.

Instruments with keys?

Piano and Keyboard