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What inspired Langston Hughes to write poetry?


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his grandmother and in the poem Dreams the civil rights movement partly inspired. His grandmother played a semi-big role in the civil rights movement for African Americans.


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It is believed that Langston Hughes was inspired to write poetry by his rough upbringing in Cleveland, Ohio.

Langston hughes poems were jazz

did Langston hughes write plays,stories and poetry about a black life

Langston hughes started writing poetry when he was in high school

he did music, poetry, civil rights movement, geography and choral Reading.

Langston Hughes wrote more than 35 books. He also wrote poetry, musicals, dramas and plays and was considered a literary giant.

Langston Hughes wanted to write peotry because he felt that he need to spread to the world how he felt about things, especialy the issue of slavery and black people.

He went on to his life to become a family and going to university collage

Langston Hughes wrote this piece dreams in 1926.

Salvation was written in 1940 as part of Langston Hughes' autobiography..

first you should choose him if you like poetry and 2nd you should choose him because he could get you an easy a by reading his poetry

What influenced his poetry was because of the fact that his father couldn't find a job in the United States and had to find a job in Mexico because he was a black.

Langston Hughes wrote poetry about the African American situation in New York to express the struggle and hardships of the black community. He also wrote about the cultural aspects such as blues/jazz music and dance.

in my opinion he was inspired to write because when he traveled to harlem, he met some inspiring people and i think that really changed his life forever. he was almost gonna be an engineer but he pursued his dream and shot for what he truly loved

what inspired robert burns to write poetry

novels, short stories, and poems

Because his mother of what she went through

to talk about an important love in his life

It was written in the year of 1926

Yes Hughes did write plays along withe poems, prose, short stories, novels, and jazzy poems.

Langston Hughes wrote "Dreams" because he had known that dreams can come here and there, but he also knew that dreams can never be let go or taken from as of in his image.

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