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In Karate Kid 2010, Meiying plays the violin.

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You do not play karate. It is not a game, it is a martial art.

write books make a movie watch a movie read a book play tag play Percy Jackson play with dolls take karate classes

It depends really Karate you can get injured and in basketball you can get injured but in karate you can brake your arm and in basketball you can sprain your ankle if you play roughly so no basketball is better then karate so chose basketball. I play basketball and a girl on the other team tried to smack by jumping to it but the girl with the ball moved and the one girl hit smack down on the floor and twisted her ankle because she was being rough. I was in karate but I quit because i broke my arm by braking a block.

You do not play karate. Karate is a martial art. Today you can find karate studios or dojo in just about every city and country.

No, definitely not if you want to play the drums and you are a girl, go for it!

no he did not play an instrument he had a girlfriend that did though

In the movie, the soloist, he plays the cello and the violin

Bass Guitar, proof is on the end of Gridlock'd . Great movie (:

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learn an instrument (probs guitar) and play her a song!

it's a good idea a lot of girls play trumpet. It doesn't matter who you are the trumpet is a good instrument to play.

Recorder karate is something you do in school starting at 3rd grade. If you want to know how to play the recorder. When you do recorder karate you play a song and if you play the song right on the recorder, then you will get a white belt from your music teacher. Then on the second song if you play the song right you will get a yellow belt It is called recorder karate because you can get a belt every time you play a song right kinda like karate! I am in 3rd grade that is how i know this.

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The Western Girl in 1902.

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she was most probably focused on playing her instrument and playing the right notes than the people watching or listening to her.

Adam does not play an instrument. He has said his instrument is his voice.

At a karate match, in all there are 12 players on each team.

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