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Most commonly, a thermometer.

Related Information:

Thermometers are used to measure the increase or decrease in the temperature of a system as it gains or loses internal energy.

An alcohol-in-glass thermometer has been the most common personal instrument used to measure temperature. Mercury thermometers are still around but are no longer offered for sale. Today, digital devices are available that scan the forehead or ear. Some other devices used to measure temperature are:

Radiation pyrometer, for extremely high temperatures;

Glass thermometer: mercury or alcohol;


Thermistor (thermal resistor)

Bimetallic strip;

Bimetallic spiral;

Platinum resistance thermometer (a resistance detector);


A mercury in glass thermometer uses mercury liquid contained within its glass structure to be subjected to heat.

the heat causes the mercury fluid to expand along the glass tube

and the total amount of expansion can be seen as a measure

along the accurate scale of indication.

This is a direct indication of the effects of temperature.

A more complex method of measuring temperature could be a

thermocouple measuring device.

A thermocouple consists of 2 dissimilar types of metal materials in the form of wires , which are joined at 1 end by weld/ fusion.

this single joined end is called the hot junction. The other end of the 2 wires are then terminated at separate junctions;

as in a electronic terminal block. This end of the 2 wires can be called the cold junction.

For most accurate temperature measure, I think temperature sensor is the first choice.

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What instrument measures temperature outside?

A thermometer measures temperature, indoor or outdoor.

What instrument measures air pressure and temperature?

A barometer measures pressure while a thermometer measures temperature.

What instrument measures changes in temperature?

A thermometer would be very handy for measuring changes in temperature.

What instrument measures Antarctica's temperature?

This work is commonly accomplished by a thermometer.

What instrument measures very high temperature?

PYROMETER is an instrument for measuring high temperatures esp. in furnaces and kilns

What instrument measures body heat?

The body temperature is measured by a thermometer, the instrument to measure heat contents of objects is called a calorimeter. Don't confuse heat with temperature.

What instrument measures heat?

A calorimeter measures heat. In contrast, a thermometer measures temperature.A thermometer bolometer - an instrument that measures heat radiation; extremely sensitive calorimeter - a measuring instrument that determines quantities of heatHeat is measured with a ThermometerThermometerThermometer or calorimeterThermometerthermometerHeat is measured with a thermometer.

What instrument is used for measuring heat?

A thermometer - body Temperature bolometer - an instrument that measures heat radiation calorimeter - a measuring instrument that determines quantities of heat

What instrument measures body temperature?

A thermometer is used to meusure your body temperature either it can be clinical thermometer or digital thermometer.

What instrument measures hearing?

An audiometer is the instrument that measures hearing.

What instrument measures kelvin?

Any suitable temperature measuring device eg a thermometer, a pyrometer

What instrument measures the temperature of a swimming pool?

The anwser to this QuestionWe would use a termometre to measure , the temperature of a swimming pool .A thermometer.

What instrument measures temperature of the a swimming pool?

A thermometer is used to measure the water temperature, typically a specially designed pool thermometer.

What instrument measures higher temperature?

Special thermometers for high temperatures, thermistors, thermoresistances, thermocouples, infrared detectors.

Which list correctly matches each instrument with the weather variable it measures?

There is no list provided which makes it hard to match each instrument with the weather variable it measures. However, a rain gauge measure rain, a thermometer is used to measure temperature, a barometer measures air pressure, anemometer measures the speed of the wind and the wind vane measures the direction of the wind.

What is the instrument that detects and measures waves produced by an earthquake?

Seismograph is the instrument that measures ground vibrations.

An object which measures temperature?

A thermometer measures temperature.

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