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What instrument measures time?


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Clocks and chronometers?

watch, water watch and if non techincal then sun and shadow

The instrument used to measure time is called a clock.

Time is measured by clocks.

watch, water watch and if non techincal then sun and shadow

a clock?

clock or watch

A clock.


Einstein recommended a clock.

An atomic clock. See the related link for more information.

As a class, all such instruments are collectively referred to as "clocks".

A chronometer. A clock or a watch. A sundial. An hourglass.


we cannot measure time as it is not a physical quantity... it neither has magnitude nor direction... so it cannot be measured... it can only be seen... hmmm............ a watch is the device used to see time :-)

My eyelids. The length of my droopy eyelids tell me it is bedtime


I use a watch.

Clock, stopwatch, pendulum... the list goes on.

Hm... I don't know, very hard question. I *think* you use something called....Nah it's too crazy of an idea... Alright fine, I'll say it anyway, I think you use some weird alien device called a timer, or stopwatch?

You could either use a watch, a stopwatch, or a clock. Xx livvy xX