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In guitar tuningwhat is the difference between eadgbe and dgcfad?

EADGBE is concert pitch tuning for a guitar.DGCFAD is one tone lower.This would mean other instruments would have to adjust to suit,which usually is not recommended.The guitar tuned to the latter would sound ok if played by itself or with other guitars tuned the same because it is tuned to itself.Usually when instruments play together,they are all tuned to concert pitch.

Which of the following instruments is usually tuned to the notes E A D G B E?


What notes are the strings on a guiter tuned to?

"standard" or "concert" tuning is EADGBE low to high. There are many possible tunings, however, dozens at least.

What is the difference between percussion instruments and tuned instruments?

Percussion instruments are instruments that can be tuned or not but tuned instruments are tuned.

Which two instruments are both tuned to the notes G?

Fiddle and mandolin

What notes are each strings tuned to on a guitar?

For standard tuning: from the first string (the one nearest the floor when the guitar is held in playing position) to the sixth: EADGBe.

Why are many instruments not tuned to the note C for example oboes and french horns?

The only instruments I can think of that can be tuned to a C would be clarinet and trumpet. Most tuning notes are a Concert Bb. Concert notes are different on almost any instrument.

How is the guitar tuned?

EADGBE. Other tunings are used, such as drop d, open E et al. The way the guitar is actually tuned is by adjusting the tension of the strings via the tuning keys (usually located on the headstock).

Is spanish guitar tuned different from electric guitar?

Nope, still (low to high) eADGBE

What is the plural possessive form of the instruments of the musicians were tuned well?

The instruments of the musicians were tuned well. = The musicians' instruments were tuned well.

Which two instruments are both tuned to the notes G D A E?

Fiddle and mandolin APEX :P

How were instruments tuned hundreds of years ago e.g. with Mozart because I know they played Violins and other instruments but no technoology was around to give them perfect notes?

That's a fair question; but I believe harpsichords and pianofortes were kept finely tuned all the time by someone who just "knew" it was correct, and tuned their instruments off of that.

Tuned percussion instruments?

Some tuned percussion instruments are xylophones, bells and pianos.

What is the 440 in a 440A in music?

440 describes the tuning of the instruments. When the tone A above middle C is tuned to 440 Hertz (cycles of the sound wave per second), and the other notes are tuned in intervals accordingly, it is known as being tuned to 440.

What is the highest note on a 20 fretted acoustic guitar?

If it concerns a six-string, tuned to EADGBE, it will be a C with a frequency of 523.25 Hz.

Which instrument is usually tuned to the notes E A D G B E?

Guitar, *Android Apex*

What is the main feature of tuned percussion instruments?

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What are tuned percussion instruments?

The timpani is a percussion instrument that can be tuned with a foot pedal.

What are six tuned percussion instruments?

Six examples of tuned percussion instruments are: Marimba Xylophone Vibraphone Glockenspiel Chimes Temple Blocks

Are banjo sheet notes the same as a violin's?

Yes. They are both in treble clef. However, the two instruments are tuned differently, so the actual fingering is not the same.

Are bass drums untuned instruments?

No. Bass drums are tuned and can be tuned to the drummers preference.

What instrument is usually tuned to the notes E-A-D-G-B-E?


Do percussion instruments have notes?

For the most part if they have keys like the piano or bells then yes. Timpani are also tuned to certain notes before they are played. Drums though, like snare and bass, do not play different pitches.

What is used to tune instruments?

Usually a pitchfork tuned to A (440 Hz). In an Orchestra the insturments will all tune to the lead violinist or the piano

Is a Glockenspiel tuned or untuned percussion?

A Glockenspiel is most definitely a tuned percussion instrument. The keys that you strike are tuned to certain notes. Thus it is a tuned percussion instrument.