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Bassoon, Trombone, Cello, and Tuba (sometimes).

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What instruments play in the tenor clef?

One of the instrument that uses the tenor clef is the cello.

What instruments play treble clef only?

tenor saxpiccolo

What instruments play the tenor clef?

Bassoon and trombone, mainly. Viola plays in alto clef, not to be confused.

Is tenor higher then baritone?

The tone is higher yes. Tenor music is written in Treble Clef. Baritone in Bass Clef. tenor music is written in tenor clef -.- i know this cuz i play a tenor trombone and some baritones are written in tenor clef too

What does the trombone play treble clef or bass clef?

Mostly bass clef, sometimes tenor clef.

What instruments play in the alto clef?

The instruments that play in the alto clef are the alto trombone, the trombone and the viola.

What instruments do not play alto clef?

Instruments play no clef at all; musicians do. So a piece of music written for treble clef can easily be transposed to bass clef and vice versa.

What instruments play using alto clef?

The viola which by the way is the best instrument in the world.

What string instrument also can play tenor clef?


Do you play Bass in treble clef or bass clef?

actually basses can play on three clefs bass clef, tenor clef, and treble clef, its rare for basses to use to treble but it is used when the notes get higher and higher. so they can play both but mostly bass clef

Which instruments play the bass clef?

the instruments on the lower end of the scale. These include cellos, bass guitars, the left hand part of a piano piece, double basses, tenor saxophones and many more.

What instruments play alto clef?

The viola

What clef does trombone and baritone play in?

Instruments don't play in clefs--people do. In the orchestral world, we trombonists are expected to play in Treble, Alto, Tenor, & Bass clefs on a regular basis. Jazz world is mostly Treble & Bass, though occassionally I've seen Tenor there as well.

What two instruments might play in the treble clef?

Many instruments read in treble clef. Two examples are the flute and the trumpet.

What woodwind instruments play in alto clef?


Does the bassoon play in bass or treble clef?

Bass, but sometimes tenor when playing higher music. You'll sometimes come across treble clef in French and Belgian publications. It is used to avoid extra leger lines above the tenor clef.

What cleff does Tenor and Alto Saxophone play in?

They both play in treble clef. Alto plays in the key of E flat, and tenor plays in the key of B flat.

What clefs are used to read music by middle-range instruments such as the viola?

Music for the viola is written in alto clef, where middle C is the middle line of the staff. Violists also learn the treble clef, with G on the second line (counting from the bottom) of the staff, to play in higher registers of the instrument.Cellos play in bass clef and also tenor clef. Some of their music can employ the alto or treble clef as well, though this is less common.

Which instruments play bass clef?

Usually trombones, baritones, and tubas.

What instruments play in alto clef?

Viola, the best instrument ever

What clef do brass instruments use?

Most brass instruments either use bass clef or treble clef. Most of the low brass, like trombones and tuba, play bass clef, and most of the high and middle brass, like trumpets and french horns, play treble clef.

What 3 instruments play in the Treble Clef?

Three of the instruments that play in the treble range are trumpet, flute, and violin. There are others. There are also instruments such as the piano that play in both treble and bass.

What band instruments play bass clef?

Usually the Trombone, Baritone, Euphonium, Tuba, Bass Clarinet, Baritone Sax all play in bass clef.

What instruments does Joshua Redman play?

Tenor saxophone, Soprano saxophone

Why is the saxophone played in the treble clef?

It is important for a sax player to be able to play all of the various saxes (soprano, alto, tenor, bari, etc.) so all are written in the same clef, and use the same fingering for the same written note even though the different instruments sound different pitches. I suspect that the reason the treble clef was chosen was that, when the sax was first introduced, players of other woodwind instruments were the people that would play the new saxophone, and their original instrument, be it clarinet, flute, or oboe, were notated in treble clef.