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Insurance for older homesYou may not find a company willing to provide all-risk coverage or replacement cost coverage. You should be able to buy a named-peril, ACV (pays depreciated value due to age) policy with basic fire & extended coverage. Contact a few agents.

In Florida, most insurers will require you get a 4 point inspection and the inspection covers roof, electrical, Plumbing & AC. Based on the inspection, the insurance company will decide whether they'll sell you insurance.

Example, if the inspector deems your roof needs to be replaced, most companies won't insure you until you get roof fixed, replaced. ( they will let you know what needs to be done for you to "pass" inspection.)

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Q: What insurance company will insure a home built in 1925 in Florida without the updates for electric plumbing and roof done?
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In most countries, if you have home or household insurance, it covers everything, from your house, to plumbing, even under your house, and even your front driveway gate. IN ADDITION: Most countries will only insure plumbing or electrical on your property if installed or maintained by a qualified tradesman or registered company.

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Car insurance in Florida can get expensive however there are discounts available for good drivers. Working with a national company may be the best way to get the best deal on car insurance. You can also get liability only insurance, which is usually cheaper.

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If you are a Florida resident and have other insurance, particularly car insurance, get a quote from your insurance company, you may qualify for a discount. Most of the major insurance companies (AllState, State Farm, etc) do provide motorcycle insurance. You can also get quotes on line from Progressive and Geico. You will need insurance to register your bike.

Which insurance company insures 1973 Ford Stepvan with only PIP in Florida?

Florida requires that all registered vehicles have liability too. A PIP only policy is called health insurance.

If a homeowner does some plumbing DIY and the plumbing fails and causes damage will the insurance company still cover it?

In most countries, insurance companies will only pay out if a registered plumbing contractor has done the job and caused damage. This way its easier for insurance companies to stop insurance fraud because the damage caused by the plumber will be backed up by invoices and service agreements. To save yourself the headache, and the possibilities of causing damage to your house, if you can afford the cost call a registered plumber to do the job.

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Allstate offices in FL offer discounts for businesses.