What insurance covers a boat trailer accident when attached to a car the car insurance or the boat insurance?

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If you only have liability your car insurance isn't covering your boat trailer, even full car coverage probably has small fine print limiting coverage to your car. Trailer coverage through your boat insurance provider is more likely to cover it.

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If your question is regarding the damage caused by the trailer while it was being towed by an automobile, then the answer is yes, the damage caused by the trailer will be covered by the liability. The damage to the trailer would not be covered by the auto policy even if you have collision coverage.

If it is regarding the damage to the trailer, it would not. Only if you have a watercraft policy which typically provides coverage for both trailer and watercraft.
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What does boat insurance cover?

Boat Insurance can cover: . The agreed value of your boat, . The motor and hull . Personal Property (cellphones, TVs, etc) . Protection against uninsured boaters . Tow Coverage . Wreck removal/salvage . The Trailer . Personal Injury (yourself and those on board) . General Liability . ( Full Answer )

Will your insurance cover an accident from before you owned your car?

%DETAILS% No, it's highly unlikely your insurance company would cover damages to your vehicle that occurred prior to your policy's inception (actually, I know of no insurance company that would cover prior damage, for the simple fact that you didn't pay a premium for that damage). Think of it as "yo ( Full Answer )

If you have PLPD and are involved in an accident does their insurance cover your car?

Answer . If the other party has insurance then their "property damage" coverage should cover damage to your vehicle. If you happen to be at fault or there is some question as to who is at fault then it might be hard to collect from their insurance company.. Answer . Only if the other party is ( Full Answer )

What will your insurance company cover on your salvage title car if in an accident?

in most states, even if a salvaged vehicle has been repaired it is still a 'branded' title...and thus worth less.......in the states i work in a fully repaired salvaged title vehicle is worth anywhere from 30-50% less on a total loss, (reduces the actual cash value)........now, if salvaged vehicle s ( Full Answer )

Does storage insurance cover an accident if the car is driven?

Answer . if car was driven by storage employee or anyone who is affliated with storage facility. Yes, it will be convered by their insurance. However, if the vehical was driven by a owner, his or her car insurance company will be responsible. \n. \nbest way to resolve this issue, contact your ( Full Answer )

Will insurance cover a car that rolls into a lake while unloading a boat?

Answer . do you have comprehensive coverage? that is the coverage that covers the peril of flood which is what this would be....the claim will be investigationed re: what caused vehicle to go into the water...... beware ....(and i am not saying this is your motive), but i have investigated man ( Full Answer )

What do you do if you get into an accident with a person who does not have car insurance?

Laws will vary from state to state. In some places you must call the police only when the damage is over a certain amount. You should check the situation in the place where you live.\n. \nIf anyone has been injured then you need to call for medical assistance immediately.\n. \nPresumably you have ( Full Answer )

Does car insurance cover towing travel trailer in Texas?

It's always best to get an additional "rider" on your auto insurance when towing a travel trailer, especially one that you don't own. If you do own such a trailer, you would already have insurance on it and would not need the "rider" attachment.

What to do if you have a car accident and no car insurance?

Your stuffed . In the UK it is an offense to drive a motor vehicle without a valid policy of motor insurance. If however the car accident was caused by the other vehicle driver you would still be entitled to recover compensation for your injuries and vehicle damage from the other driver. See the re ( Full Answer )

What happens if you have no car insurance and you have an accident?

If the collision was your fault, even if you had no insurance, you are still theoretically liable for the innocent party's damages. He/she may make a decision that even in the absent of insurance, they will make a claim against you, You can either resolve the claim voluntarily, or wait to see if the ( Full Answer )

If you are the driver of a friends car involved in an accident are you covered under your insurance or the owners insurance?

depends on the company and the details of the accident. most commonly the owner of the vehicles' insurance will pay the claim and then subrogate (recover money paid out) against the drivers insurance company. for example, let's say you have state farm and i have allstate. you are borrowing my car ( Full Answer )

Does your insurance cover you to drive a car that has no insurance?

Your personal auto insurance will be secondary to the insurance of the vehicle that you are driving (assuming you do not own it and it is not a business vehicle). If you get involved in a car accident while you are operating a vehicle that is -not- yours, then the insurance of that vehicle has to pa ( Full Answer )

What happens if you have car insurance and you have an accident?

You call your insurance company and report it. if the accident is your fault, with very minor damage, you would be better off paying for the damages yourself, rather than telling your insurance company and having your rates go up.

What happens if car insurance does not cover full amount of accident?

(In the UK) I'm guessing you mean on your own vehicle? i.e. your car repair bill is for £5000, but your vehicle is only worth £3000 (amounts for illustration only)? In that situation, the Insurer would 'write off' the vehicle - essentially declaring it as unworthy of repair. They would t ( Full Answer )

Can you get car insurance on a car after the accident?

If the car has not been repaired but the damage is cosmetic they will probably insure it for liability only If the car has been repaired it will be no problem to get insurance. If the car is deemed salvage or rebuilt, you can get full coverage, however keep this in mind. A branded title makes ( Full Answer )

Does liability insurance cover death in a single car accident?

Liability coverage is "third-party" insurance that pays for injuries or death to another person as a result of the insured's negligence (carelessness). There are different types of it, not just car-related. Whether or not it applies in a given situation depends upon the dynamics of the occurrence. ( Full Answer )

Can you add car insurance after an accident?

Yes, but it of course will not cover the accident. Also addingcollision or comprehensive is likely wasted money, due to thereduced value of the car.

Do you need trailer insurance when pulling a trailer or does car insurance cover it?

Insurance laws vary from state to state so you need to check your policy. Generally speaking, liability coverage extends from the vehicle pulling the trailer but physical damage does not. This means that if you back a trailer of any kind into someone elses vehicle at a gas station your auto insuranc ( Full Answer )

Can health insurance cover the balance of the claim of the car accident?

Yes, your Health insurance can provide coverage for injuries received in an auto accident beyond what may have already been covered through an automobile insurance policy. Your health insurance however is specific to you and the covered persons under your policy. It will not pay for property damage ( Full Answer )

Will insurance cover an accident by an unlicensed driving a licensed insured drivers car?

It just depends on the type of insurance policy that was in force on the car and whether the unlicensed driver is considered an insured under the terms of the Vehicle owners Auto Insurance Policy. If the Vehicle Owner has a "Standard Form Policy" then in most cases where there is no violation of ( Full Answer )

How does car insurance work after an accident?

The way car insurance works after an accident is that a report mustbe made to the insurance company. They will review it and thendecide what you new insurance cost will be. Answer: Accidents need to be reported to your insurance company assoon as possible whether you or someone else caused the accid ( Full Answer )

What can one do if they are in a car accident and have no insurance?

It is never a good idea to drive without insurance as there are costly penalties if one is caught or involved in an accident. If one is in an accident without auto insurance, their options are limited but they may be able to sue the other driver if they are at fault.

What happens to your insurance after car accident?

In the UK your motor insurance ramains valid for the full term ofthe original policy, however when you need to renew the cost maywell increase because you are deemed to be a higher risk and/oryour no claims bonus will be reduced.